AWS Employment Opportunities

We are currently hiring for a Licensed Veterinary Technician and a Remote Adoption Coordinator. Details and contact info are below.

POSITION TITLE: Licensed Veterinary Technician
REPORTS TO: Clinic Manager

POSITION SUMMARY: The licensed veterinary technician (LVT) is the veterinarian’s primary medical support and aids the veterinarian in achieving greater efficiency in overall patient care. The LVT will apply his/her professional technical skills in anesthesia, surgery, dentistry, laboratory testing, patient nursing care and client education. The technician must be a detail-oriented person who can make good decisions, respond quickly and calmly to crises and always maintain high standards of patient care.

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POSITION TITLE: Remote Adoption Coordinator
REPORTS TO: Director of Community Programs

POSITION SUMMARY: The Remote Adoption Coordinator oversees and manages the Animal Welfare Society’s “off-site” or Remote Adoption Program and adoption events for the purpose of expanding AWS’ animal care and adoption capacity and increasing AWS’s exposure to the community.

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