She is doing super well and we love her to pieces ( her big sis too)!


In December of 2016 our beloved cat of 11 years, Chuck, disappeared. In January of 2017 I inherited my mother’s cat, Cole, when she was hospitalized.  I had knee replacement surgery in February and Cole was great company for me during my recovery. In April Cole passed peacefully in his sleep (he


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Our family adopted Vae (formerly Elise) in the Spring of 2016. She quickly became a valued, treasured member of our family. She is so playful and happy. We are very grateful for the person who found her as a stray and for the shelter for letting us adopt her. Thank you for Vae!


Sir Ringo Starr, where do I begin? When I first saw Ringo’s picture on the AWS website I needed to adopt him. I woke up before sunrise the next morning and we raced over to the shelter and scooped him up. That was March 25, 2017, over a year ago. I’ve come to realize that he’s like


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I adopted Lorenzo (Colton) from AWS on July 7th. It forever changed my life! Lorenzo is such a family dog now and he gets so much cuddles and love all day long. I truly could not imagine my life without him. Thank you for giving me my forever best friend!


We adopted Polly from AWS five years ago. She’s been such a joy for us.