Barney & Meera – Adopted 09/22

This delightful brother-sister duo turns 3 years old on Monday, September 25th. For their birthday, they ask for nothing more than a new family to love and a new place to call home!

And they got their wish, Barney and Meera were adopted on 09/22! Congratulations you two!

Barney and Meera enjoy sitting in the sun, chilling in a cozy spot and being petted by their human friends. When they first arrived at AWS, they felt very vulnerable and afraid, but in the 7 (!!!) months they have been here, they have gotten more and more confident and comfortable. While they still enjoy quiet places to rest (what cat doesn’t love being under a dark bed or wedged in a box?), they are exploring their surroundings and spending time with the people that stop in and visit. They are especially active in the evenings when they are known to scoot about as curious house cats.

Barney and Meera have a condition called radial hypoplasia. It’s a genetic birth defect that causes their limbs to be crooked. It’s not contagious and does not affect their overall health. They can get around just fine and use a (low rimmed) litter box with no problems. They ask that in their new home, all their necessities (food, water and litterbox) be on one level so they don’t have to climb stairs. They would also like their new home to be carpeted for easier traction. AWS has plenty of carpet squares to send home with their new people to help Barney and Meera transition to their new home.

Please stop by this weekend to celebrate Barney and Meera’s birthday and learn more about making them a part of your home. You can make their birthday wish come true!

The adoption fee for the pair has been waived so that these two find a wonderful new home together.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $0

Sex: Male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Age: 2 years



Have you ever heard of radial hypoplasia?  Hypoplasia simply means that they have crooked legs compared to “normal” cats but they can still move around, use low-sided litter boxes, and be affectionate sweeties and eventual climbers.  They learn to adapt to their physical conditions so that they play, hop, or walk around like any cats!  These guys were given the chance to have full lives to share with someone!

Some facts about radial hypoplasia:

– Is a physical condition related to bones (lack of bones, lack of development, etc.)

– Is not contagious to other cats/animals

– Appreciates rugs to help with mobility

– Might need ramps to get on high places and stairs are not necessarily doable

– Life expectancy is the same as cats without hypoplasia

– Might need help with cleaning face

– Find ways to adapt to become more mobile throughout life

– They don’t know they are any different than other cats!

Their legs cannot be fixed, it is disabled physical condition that cats can adapt to.  Even though they have physical disabilities, and perhaps need a little extra love and attention, they will delight you with their special hearts.  Because of their special needs and physical vulnerabilities, they must be indoor cats only and would appreciate quiet homes with loving, patient and supportive humans to care for them.

FMI and everything you need to know about adopting cats with hypoplasia, please visit:


Their initial strategy for handling new environments…


Meera made a new friend recently!



Her unique legs didn’t stop Meera from making it to the top of a cat tree all by herself.