Big Mac *Adoption fee only $99*

Big personality. Big heart. Big goofball. Meet Big Mac!

“Hi! I’m Big Mac! Needless to say, I don’t do anything small. AWS recognized this quality in me right away and even though I was extremely underweight when I got here, I quickly earned the stellar name Big Mac.

Play time? I’ll go 110 mph speeding after my ball and destroy any squeaky toy in my way. Walk time? I’ll put 110% of my nosework into use, sniffing and exploring our path. Training time? I’ll give you 110% of my attention (providing you have good treats of course!). Dinner time? Oh boy, I’d eat 110 times a day if I was allowed!

But all kidding aside, you may ask why such a big prize of a dog has been at AWS waiting for a home for so long? Well, I can’t say for sure, but sometimes life presents you with what you need, and what I needed when I first got here was time:

  • Time to calm my mind from possibly weeks on my own as a stray.
  • Time to get healthy and put on some weight.
  • Time to learn that bonding with a person can be more rewarding than being on my own.

Now it’s time for the next step – Living in a home! I’ve excelled at learning the schedule at AWS. I know when it’s feeding time, play time, training time, and time to settle. Now I just need to learn how to do all that in a new home. To be honest, it will most likely take me time to adjust to living in a home. But don’t fret, AWS is willing to let me do home visits and overnights for a period of time at your place until we get our routine on track.

Perfect life summary: I’ve had a thing for trucks ever since I got to AWS. I so badly want to be your truck copilot! Let’s keep busy. I do best when I have a job or activities that will keep my brain and/or mouth busy.  Let’s keep life simple and not complicated it with cats or small critters. I don’t mind meeting other dogs here and there but I rather not share my home with one. Because of my exuberance level, I would rather have older, respectful teenagers to play with at home.

It’s a Big world out there. Take it on full force with a Big Mac by your side!”

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $99

Sex: Male

Breed: American Shelter Dog

Age: 7 years

Weight: 56 lbs.



Big Mac is a fan of big macks.

On the right, Big Mac when he first arrived. On the left, Big Mac today.




Mmmmm…. I’m lovin’ it.