Bob & Ava *Adoption Fee Waived*

Bob & Ava are a brother/sister pair of cats looking to find a new home, ideally together. They’re both friendly, easy going, and very mellow. Ava is the friendlier of the two, always following people around and looking for a pet or a scratch. Bob’s friendly too, but he prefers letting people come to him in his comfy napping spot. Neither one gets too excited about playing these days, but on occasion you might be able to get them to chase down a toy.

Normally, two siblings as nice as these would be snapped up pretty quickly, but they have an unfortunate quirk that has kept them at AWS for over a year now: they don’t keep their business in the litterbox. It’s an unusual issue, as most cats know to do so naturally. Unfortunately, it’s a behavior that dates back to their original home. They originally lived with several other cats, and a few people as well. They behaved just fine, until the cat who had become Bob’s best friend passed away. Then two of their human family members became very ill, and their problem seemingly started at that point. It began with Bob, then Ava followed suit.

While there are many ways to train a puppy/dog to be housebroken, it’s not as clear cut with cats. They instinctively know from birth, and it’s reinforced by their mothers, to use litter and/or sand to some degree and bury their business. It’s unusual for them to stop doing so, particularly for an extended period of time. Since arriving at AWS, we’ve put Bob and Ava through the wringer to try to help them. We’ve cleared them of any medical or physical issues that would cause their problem and have attempted to use several different types of litter and even newspapers. We’ve let them stay indoors and outdoors, in individual kennels and in the Cat Community Room. We are convinced that whatever is causing their issue is psychological and will need to be consistently worked on in a new home if there’s any chance of correcting it.

While it’s very understandable to not want cats that will “go” anywhere, it’s an absolute shame that two such lovable cats could miss out on a home because of their issue. Ava is such a sweet and loving girl, she will even sleep on a bed alongside her people. Bob is so easy going and gets along great with other cats and people of all ages. These two would make great companions and deserve a caring home. We’ve currently established a method of allowing them their own cat condo to live in, which is something we will gladly instruct their new owners on. Please stop by AWS today to meet Bob and Ava and see for yourself if their many positive qualities will outweigh their one significant issue in your eyes.

You can find these two living in what used to be our retail room, located right in our lobby. They’ve got the room to themselves now and are very much enjoying the freedom, but they’re always happy when people come to visit. While you might think it hard to tell two white cats apart, it’s very easy with these two as Bob has a black nose.

“They are such sweet, loving cats! I hope they find their purrfect forever home.” Betsy, AWS Volunteer

“They are wonderful cats. Very intuitive with healing energy.” Kim, AWS Lead Obedience Trainer

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $0

Sex: Male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Age: 7 years