Brutus – Adopted 07/06

Are you a lady looking for a ladies’ man? Brutus is your guy!  He loves women and wants to be the center of their world (and the only man in their life).  Don’t be jealous though, he has lots and lots of love to give.

Brutus has a tough name and may look like a tough guy but he’s really a sensitive, soft hearted, squishy marshmallow.  This dude wants to be the only man in your life…he finds men intimidating and scary and tends to hide from them. With the ladies though – he’s a big love bug that loves to shower his gal with kisses.  And be the best lap dog a 65 pound pooch can be 🙂

Brutus has enjoyed playing with other dogs as well so he wouldn’t be opposed to living with a dog in his new home.  If you’re a lady looking for a canine man in your life, come down and get this stud muffin.  Because Brutus is chilling behind the scenes, please ask the adoption staff to meet him.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: Name Brutus' Fee

Sex: Male

Breed: American Shelter Dog

Age: 2 years