Fred *FiV+* – Adopted 03/03

Fred is a pretty chill dude. He doesn’t make a lot of noise or draw a lot of attention to himself. He’s content to wait for people to notice him and give him some attention. He would love to find a new home where he can have plenty of comfy spots to curl up in and lots of attention to be had. He’s patient though, he’ll wait at AWS with little complaints until his new home comes along. Why not stop by some time and see if you’re the one Fred has been waiting for?

It is important to note that Fred is *FiV+*, which means he has feline immunodeficiency virus.  With regular health check-ups, a balanced, healthy diet and safe home environment, FIV+ cats can live long, happy lives.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $35

Sex: Male

Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Age: 6 years