Sheba is a very sweet senior looking for a quiet retirement home where she will be treated like a queen. She enjoys getting her beautiful black coat brushed, which should be done regularly to keep her fur clean and mat-free. Her favorite toys are cat nip mice and her favorite activity is finding a nice cozy corner for cat naps. Sheba would prefer to live in a quiet home without dogs or young children.

Sheba is a DDAF Senior: Through generous funding from the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF) to support senior cats, we are able to offer Sheba’s adopters up to $100 in post-adoption support for qualified non-routine veterinary care, such as dental care, surgery, diagnostics, and certain prescription medications. More information is available at the adoption center.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $10

Sex: Female

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Age: 13 years