Willie 5/17

Willie is a quiet, gentle, respectful, loving 7 year old dog.  His pre-AWS history is vastly unknown, though many suspect he’d been mistreated or worse.  Originally a stray who became a “death row dog” in an overwhelmed South Carolina shelter, his picture caught the eye of AWS Shelter Manager in an email plea to save his life.  Willie was transported to NJ where an AWS volunteer picked him up.  He was only a very short 20 minutes away from euthanasia by the time AWS got the logistics in place and committed to save him and have him transported to Maine for a fresh start & a new beginning.

Willie was initially adopted by two of the most supportive, loving, dedicated and compassionate pet owners imaginable, who spent 11 months loving and gently working with Willie (also lovingly known as Wonka).  It was apparent to them that Willie had little to no experience with home-life.  Even the sound of the toilet flushing would send him reeling.  They say it took him about 6 months to lose his fear of the noise a squeaky toy makes.

Over time, this wonderful couple gave Willie the essential building blocks he so needed to be able to move on in this new chapter of his life.  His former family is absolutely heartbroken to lose this special boy, and we are so grateful for all they have done in his rehabilitation.  They have transformed him into a fun loving (albeit cautious and sensitive) dog who’s now awaiting adoption to someone who wants the peaceful company of a once-in-a-lifetime dog.

Willie would like a home that is easy-going, calm, and with gentle & kind people who can carry on the good work of his former owners.  While he has lived in and amongst other animals for almost a year, we will be looking for Willie to be an only pet.  He has met many other animals face-to-face, and has been on his best behavior every time.  However, Willie has spinal pain that is managed with pain medications and due to this he is not a candidate for multi-animal households.  Willie has spent some time with our volunteers who offer shelter dogs Reiki and would love to continue that in his new home.

We have more to share about Willie if you’d like to get to know him.  Bobbi Adkins, the shelter manager knows his story cover to cover, and she is available for your questions most Tuesdays through Saturdays 8:30am through 4:30pm at 207-985-3244 Ext 103.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $99

Sex: Male

Child Friendly

Obedience Student!

Here’s what volunteer Beth has to say about Willie: “Will and I went shopping and he did wonderfully.  He navigated the aisles and met many people who couldn’t stop saying what a sweet boy he is.  Willie loved the car ride and is a perfect traveling sidekick.  He’s too cute in the car. This is a great dog!”

“We went to PetSmart and Will did awesome!”

Here’s what volunteer Chelsea had to say about Willie: “Such a sweet boy! I can’t believe he hasn’t been adopted!”

“Willie    – what a handsome, gentle guy! He was excellent in the store and LOVES loves loves his dog bed! He is food motivated and can somehow convince anyone to give him a treat just by looking at them with his big, soulful eyes. He was content to hang out on his bed, get lovins from everyone, munch on some delicious treats, and watch the world go by. He didn’t make a peep and is such a thoughtful and loving pup.  LOVE this dog.”  – Angela

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