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Over the course of six weeks, you and your dog can embark on an adventure together. AWS offers a variety of exciting and progressive classes for dogs of all ages, breeds and abilities. Offerings include Core Classes, Beyond the Basic Series, and AKC Title Courses. Keep scrolling for class schedules, descriptions and enrollment form.


Core classes lay the foundation for future training work. Unless otherwise noted, classes last an hour and are taught weekly for 6 weeks. Registration is $125.

BASIC OBEDIENCE: For any dog older than 5 months, this six-week course is the foundation for all future training courses and teaches socialization, concentration and confidence building. You’ll learn canine communication skills and how to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash and how to avoid distraction. Commands taught include sit, stay, heel, down and come.
Tuesdays, June 26 – July 31: 5:15 PM
Fridays, June 29 – Aug 3: 10:15 AM
Saturdays, June 30 – Aug 4:  3:15 PM
Saturdays, July 7 – Aug 11: 9 AM
Sundays, July 29 – Sept 9: 11:30 AM [no class Sept 2]
Mondays, July 30 – Sept 10: 5:15  [no class Sept 3]

SMALL BREED BASIC OBEDIENCE: For dogs over 5 months and under 25 pounds, this six-week course will teach small-sized dogs basic skills and agility. There will also be a period of social time following each class for those dogs that will enjoy it.
Fridays, June 29 – Aug 3: 9 AM

PUPPY KINDERGARTEN: For dogs 5 months or younger, Puppy Kindergarten is a six-week program using positive reinforcement to teach socialization, training, activity and responsibility through FUN activities and games. Some puppies are even able pick up simple commands.
Saturdays, June 30 – Aug 4:
Thursdays, July 5 – Aug 9: 5 PM

*NEW* BASIC FOR PUPPIES: Do you have a young dog that is a bit too old for Puppy Kindergarten but still too young and floppy to dive right into a Basic Obedience class? This is a class specifically all those older, “in-between” aged puppies that are 5-8 months old. You’ll learn all the skills taught in Basic Obedience along side of other older puppies that are still building their stamina and attention spans. Helpful advice and support is also offered for those who are still struggling with those common puppy behaviors such as chewing and nipping.
Wednesdays, July 11 – Aug 15: 4 PM

CONFIDENCE FOR SHY DOGS: Timid and unsure dogs are perfect students for this course. You’ll learn what causes canine fear and anxiety, how to assess your dog’s body language and stress level and how to help your dog feel more comfortable. Class exercises help boost confidence in shy pups.
New sessions coming soon!

OLD DOGS CAN LEARN NEW TRICKS: Is your older dog in a rut of the same routine, day after day? Let’s put a little pep back in your pup’s step! If your dog is 8+ years old, come join us for a class geared just for our senior canine companions. We will be engaging in low impact activities such as nose work, tricks, obstacles, and shadow games. This is a great opportunity to reaffirm and strengthen that bond you have with your older pal while having fun and learning new things to do together!
Mondays, July 30 – Sept 10: 6:30 PM  [no class Sept 3]


The classes in this series are open to basic obedience graduates.Unless otherwise noted, classes last an hour and are taught weekly for 6 weeks. Registration is $125.

BEYOND THE BASICS SAMPLER: Take your basic skills to the next level with a little bit of everything. Throughout the six weeks students will be exposed to a sampling of our course offerings such as Rally, Noseworks, Agility, Tricks, and even some core conditioning. The sky’s the limit in this class. Work and bond with your dog while having fun.
Sundays, July 29 – Sept 9:  10:15 AM [no class Sept 2]

BEYOND THE BASICS WITH AGILITY: This six-week class is a great opportunity for graduates to continue the fun and training from Basic Obedience class to maintain and grow skills. Activities include tricks, targeting, field trips, off-leash work and agility. Dogs enjoy overcoming agility obstacles such as jumps, tires, tunnels, and A Frames. This class is fun for the whole family!
New sessions coming soon!

BEYOND THE BASICS WITH NOSE WORKS: Does your dog like to sniff? Does she like treats? If so, she will love this class! Noseworks for Fun uses your dog’s natural sniffing instinct to hunt for yummy treats. This is an easy, relationship building class where your dog does most of the work. Sniffing is a great mental and physical activity for your dog, and is appropriate for pups of all ages. The class size is limited, as you will be watching the other dog/handler teams when your dog is not working.
Saturdays, June 30 – Aug 4: 4:30 PM

BEYOND THE BASICS WITH RALLY: Take your basic skills to the next level! This six-week course is a great introduction to the sport of Rally. You and your dog work closely as a team, completing a course of 10-20 stations with a sign at each station regarding which skill to perform. Skills can include sit-down-sit, send over jump, side step right, recall and more!
New sessions coming soon!


Wag It Games courses are open to basic obedience graduates. Unless otherwise noted, classes last an hour and are taught weekly for 6 weeks. Registration is $125.

*NEW* WAG IT GAMES SAMPLER: An array of games designed to be low stress so you and your dog can focus on having fun and building a strong connection together. Wag It Games is all about having a solid emphasis on teamwork, building a relationship, safety, and FUN for the dog and handler! There are several sections to Wag It Games such as: Sniff It, Obstacles, Shadow Skills, Dog Ball, Quarry Quest, Agility, and Water Skills. This 6 week course will touch on games from Sniff it, Obstacles, Dog Ball, Agility, and Shadow Skills. Come and have fun while learning new games to play with your pup!
Wednesdays, July 11 – Aug 15: 5:15 PM
Wednesdays, July 11 – Aug 15: 6:30 PM


Title courses are open to basic obedience graduates.Unless otherwise noted, classes last an hour and are taught weekly for 6 weeks, with title testing on the final week. Registration is $125.

NOVICE TRICKS AND FUN:  In this six-week course, dogs have fun learning new tricks, such as bark on cue, push-ups, high five, spin in a circle and more. This class is a great way to build body awareness and provide a great physical and mental stimulation for your pooch. Dogs can earn the AKC Novice Trick Dog Title after mastering 10 tricks.  This class is perfect for all ages: puppies who have taken Puppy Kindergarten, young adults dogs and senior dogs can join this class.
Tuesdays, June 26 – July 31: 4 PM

CANINE GOOD CITIZEN: Over the six-week course, your dog will prepare for the ten-point AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification test. Dogs learn advanced commands and practice positive behaviors such as walking through a crowd, accepting a friendly stranger and positively reacting to another dog.
Saturdays, June 30 – Aug 4: 10:15 AM

URBAN CANINE GOOD CITIZEN: Like the standard Canine Good Citizen class, during this class, dogs train towards a ten-point test, administered in the final class. This class focuses on demonstrating CGC skills (and more!) in an urban city-like setting. It’s a fun way to get out-and-out and learn new skills.
New sessions coming soon!

We have waitlists for our most popular classes. If your preferred class is full and you’d like to be placed on a wait list, please email us. Be sure to include which class, your name, phone number, dog’s age and breed.

If you are looking our other training options, please visit our One Day, One Hour Sessions page or our Private Consultations page.


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