Basic Obedience: March 26 - May 7

Basic Obedience: March 26 – May 7

Sunday, Mar 26, 2017 – Sunday, May 7, 2017

3:00pm – 4:00pm

For any dog older than 5 months, this six-week course is the foundation for all future obedience courses and teaches socialization, concentration and confidence building. You’ll learn canine communication skills and how to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash and how to avoid distraction. Commands taught include sit, stay, heel, down and come.


•  Dogs must be up to date with vaccinations.
• One primary handler is required.
• Family members may observe. Children must be supervised.


• One hour of class time
• Understanding of dog behavior
• Learn how and what to train your dog
• Realistic expectations
• Proper leadership skills
• Leadership always benefits the dog
• Teach your dog self-control and responsibility with obedience exercises


• Leash, 4-6 Feet. Nylon or leather. No chains, ropes or retractable leads.
• Collar or Gentle Leader head collar.
• Dog treats.
• A great attitude and willingness to learn!

Event Location

Animal Welfare Society, 46 Holland Road
Kennebunk, Maine, 04043

Event Fees

Basic Obedience
$ 120.00