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Puppy Kindergarten: March 15 – April 19

Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017
– Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017

Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm

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For dogs 5 months or younger, Puppy Kindergarten is a six-week program using positive reinforcement to teach socialization, training, activity and responsibility. Some puppies are able pick up simple commands.


  • The class is structured for puppies younger than 5 months with exceptions.

  • Puppies must be up to date with immunizations. Kennel cough vaccine is recommended.

  • One primary handler is recommended.

  • Family members may come to watch. Children must be supervised.


• Understanding of puppy behavior
• Housetraining, Chewing, Biting advice
• Proper leadership skills
• Simple obedience skills
• Puppy play time
• Simple problem solving skills using obstacles • Socialization


• Small pieces of soft treats
• Regular collar or a Gentle Leader head collar if appropriate (can be purchased at AWS)
• Nylon leash, no chains, ropes or flexi-leads

Puppy class is fun and will get you well on your way to well-mannered dog!

Event Location

Animal Welfare Society
46 Holland Road
Kennebunk, Maine 04043

Event Fees:

S.T.A.R. Puppy Kindergarten $ 120.00

Registration is closed for this event.

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