Safe and Found

It was a raw, gray Sunday when Lisa was driving down a back road in York County. With the wipers going and the rain pouring down, she was sure her eyes were deceiving her. She drove another mile or so, but couldn’t shake the image of what she thought she saw. She turned around.  It was a dog. Chained to a tree, ribs showing, shivering in the cold, with a bowl of frozen water.  Lisa, like all of us, is an animal lover right to her very soul. And, like many of us, she simply could not believe the picture right in front of her eyes. She later told us, “I never thought this really happened. And, I really never thought that it happened in my own town.”

But, it does. Unfortunately, this happens more often than we’d all like to think. And, more often than you may think – there are people working quietly behind the scenes to save these animals.

With thanks to Lisa’s call, we notified State of Maine officials, leading them to the property. With thanks to the State of Maine officials, the dog was safely removed and brought to AWS. With thanks to our donors – people like you – our team worked to bring health (and, we like to think, a little bit of happiness, too) back to a suffering animal.

It’s a full circle of caring – and you’re a part of it. Thank you for all you do to keep the circle going.

Please consider a gift of support to help the next time a case like this comes through our doors. Working together, we’ll achieve our dream of a loving home for every pet.


For the animals,
aws executive director
Abigail Smith
Executive Director