From Drab to Fab

We are looking for creative teams to decorate our newly constructed wooden feral cat shelters.

GOT PIZZAZZ? Gather your classmates, family and friends and sign up today!

Throughout December, visitors to AWS on Holland Road in West Kennebunk will have a chance to vote for their favorite decorated shelter. The winning shelter will serve AWS’ feral cat colony while the others will be donated to caretakers in the area.

To participate, contact Stephanie at (207) 985-3244 ext 130 or e-mail her.

Feral cats received little to no socialization as kittens and thus do not have the demeanor to be house cats. They live outdoors, frequently in colonies with other feral cats. Many rely on the kindness of human caretakers for regular access to fresh food, water and shelter, often seeking out the safety of outbuildings. Through the Cleo Fund, AWS offers veterinary services to feral cats, including spay/neuter surgeries, and provides resources to feral cat caretakers, such as feeding stations and feral cat shelters.