Legacy of Dedication

AWS’ beginnings were very humble.

Eldora Boston, Shelter Manager, operated the shelter and adoption center out of her home for two years, until funds were raised to construct a proper facility. Just before the opening of the new shelter on her property, she recapped a successful year of adoptions:

“In 1969 I placed 249 dogs and 23 litters of puppies. 21 additional dogs had to be put to sleep because of illness or maladjustment. 125 adopted dogs were spayed with the aid of “Friends of Animals, Inc.” and 10 spayings were paid for privately… About 300 cats and kittens and a few rabbits were taken in of which the majority were placed in homes: the 25 females being spayed also with the partial aid of “Friends of Animals, Inc.”

She was very dedicated to the animals in her care, working tirelessly to keep them fed, clean and healthy. Eldora served as Shelter Manager for 18 ½ years old, retiring in 1985 at the age of 65.  She continued residing next to the shelter with many of her own animals for the next 17 years, often visiting the animals and staff at the shelter. Her legacy lives on at AWS as the organization has grown to help pets and their owners, not only throughout York County, but throughout the state of Maine.