New Traffic Pattern

The time has finally come: New traffic pattern!!

AWS has opened its new driveway for use. The new driveway is about two-thirds of the way up Holland Road on the right hand side  - look for a white fence with a big maroon ENTRANCE sign (if you pass the baseball fields on the left, you’ve gone too far). The new driveway leads to a new parking lot, directly in front of the shelter. The new driveway is a one-way road, with the existing driveway being converted to an exit only.

It will be some time before we have all our lighting installed so please be careful and drive slowly.  Because the former main driveway is being converted to a one-way exit, please be cautious when you exit as there may be a wrong-way driver headed in. We will be working on more signage, lighting and finishing touches between now and the spring. Please enjoy the scenic route in to AWS!