Now Rats Aplenty!

Ever wanted to have a rat for a pet?

We currently have a large number of male and female rats available for adoption.

There are many reasons to have a pet rat!

1. Rats are also known for being very friendly and love affection. For these reasons, they make a great beginner pet for families, even those with young children.

2. Rats are very intelligent and are known for their problem solving skills. Rats use their brains and are always thinking of possible outcomes – that’s why they do so well in mazes.

3. Rats can be litter box trained. That’s right, just like a cat – though, they may not use it is fastidiously as a cat. Speaking of cats, rats like to keep themselves clean. You may catch your rat licking his/her fur, just like a cat does. But rats still need their habitat to be cleaned by their care takers daily and should supervised when they are let out to exercise and play.

4. Have you ever clicker trained your dog? Well, you guessed it – you can clicker train a rat! Just as you would reward a dog with its favorite treat, you can do the same for a rat!

There is always more to learn about rats, call us or stop by soon to meet one of our adoptable rats!