Sweet Seniors

We have several senior cats looking for new homes!

Yes, everyone loves kittens. They’re young, playful, loving, and a blank slate to build a life with. But senior cats are just as deserving and worthy of new homes. Older cats come with their own set of benefits, like already being mostly accustomed to living in a home environment and having calmer, easy going personalities. They make ideal companions for anyone more interested in a having a calm, relaxed friend relax alongside them than running up their walls.

It’s true that senior cats can have senior problems, but that’s no different from any other species. For the most part, senior cats are just as healthy and well-rounded as a cat half their age.

And about that whole “age thing”…a domestic cat can live upwards of 20 – 22 years. That means even a cat in their mid-teens may still have a long life ahead of them. Senior cats can’t change being old, so it shouldn’t be a detriment towards them finding a loving new home.

Stop by and visit some of our sweet seniors like Tinkerbell and Cali. They may not come running up to greet you, but they’ll be happy to have company.