Who Does Strut Help?

Strut helps pets like RJ, the sweetest dog you’ll ever know!

RJ was found wandering alone in North Carolina. Kind animal lovers from our partner rescue group took him in for a veterinary exam and to be neutered. Beyond diagnosing him with a heartworm infection, the veterinarians noticed something else – his chest looked a little funny. An x-ray revealed a major diaphragmatic hernia, causing his internal organs to be disjointed and allowing his colon to infringe upon his heart. The diagnosis was crushing. Our partners in the South did not have the resources to pursue the surgery that would save his life. Our partners reached out to AWS because we work with them regularly to bring dogs to Maine through our Paws Across America program. Could we take him and provide him the surgery he needed to survive? Of course! As a young, friendly, happy-go-lucky guy, we wanted to give RJ a chance for a healthy life here in Maine. Because of our huge community of kind supporters – like you – who so generosity fundraise in preparation for Strut Your Mutt, we knew we could cover RJ’s expensive surgery and give him the life he truly deserved!

RJ arrived at AWS in early July. We brought in a veterinary specialist who completed the surgery by successfully “teasing his colon out of his heart chamber.” RJ spent a month recovering in foster care and before he was adopted into his new home. RJ’s internal organs are now where they should be – and he’s where he should be, too. He has an excellent prognosis for a full, healthy life with a loving, happy family!