Who Wants to Wag It?

Have you looked into Wag It Games for your dog?

Wag It Games are an array of games designed to be low stress so you and your dog can focus on having fun and building a strong connection together. They’re all about having a solid emphasis on teamwork, building a relationship, safety, and FUN for the dog and handler! There are several sections to Wag It Games such as: Sniff It, Obstacles, Shadow Skills, Dog Ball, Quarry Quest, Agility, and Water Skills.

At AWS, we currently offer a Wag It Games Sampler Course and Wag It Games with Shadow Skills. WGME 13 recently did a piece on these courses which you can watch below. Come and have fun while learning new games to play with your pup!

Learn more about these courses, as well as all the others we offer, and register your dog today!