Information and Resources for Pet Owners

Need advice on your pet’s behavior? AWS offers on-call assistance through our helpline (207) 985-3244 ext. 131.  We can counsel pet owners facing problems ranging from scratching furniture or chewing to eliminating in the house or outside the litter box or pulling on the leash.  We can also answer questions about behavioral training resources at AWS.

Suspect abuse? Contact the Animal Welfare Program in Augusta at (207) 287-3846 or toll-free 1-877-269-9200. You can also e-mail them at Complaints received via email must contain the reporting party’s name and phone number, the name of the animal owner (if known), a physical address, a description of the animals and the type of complaint. You may also wish to contact your local animal control officer.

Scroll to find links to additional resources related to animal welfare. Please keep in mind that the Animal Welfare Society does not necessarily endorse any of the organizations, methods or information contained on these websites.

For pet owners experiencing financial hardship:

Pet food pantries

Reduced Priced Spay and Neuter

Low-cost vaccine clinics, including rabies clinics

  • Shot Vet offers pet vaccine clinics throughout ME and NH. Check the website for dates and locations.
  • Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick hosts monthly low-cost rabies vaccination and microchipping clinics. Nail trimming and ear cleaning are also offered at reduced prices.
  • Animal Refuge League in Westbrook offers seasonal low-cost vaccination and microchipping clinics. Check their website for dates and information.

Parasite Control

  • AWS may be able to assist with temporary parasite control and offer educational resources on how to prevent reoccurrence.  Contact our Clinic at (207) 985-3244 x128 for more information on these resources.

Veterinary financial aid:

The American Animal Hospital Association – The AAHA offers a program among its member animal hospitals that helps to pay for veterinary expenses. Ask your veterinarian if they are part of this program.

Banfield Charitable Trust – The Banfield Charitable Trust has numerous programs including grants to help with veterinary care, food programs (like Meals on Wheels), helping homebound pet owners and owners in hospice care among others.

Red Rover – Financial and emotional support for pet owners to help care for animals in life-threatening situations.

Credit Cards for Veterinary Care
Since many veterinary hospitals do not take payment plans, getting one of these specialized cards may be a solution if you are not able to afford the whole cost of treatment all at once. Your veterinarian must offer this service, in order for you to use so check with your veterinarian to see which cards are accepted.
Working Dogs / Service Dog Support
 There are also special programs for veterinary care assistance for working dogs and service animals, such as Assistance Dogs Special Allowance Program and The Gandalf Fund.

Crowdsource Funding
Try raising your own funds through fundraising platforms like GiveForwardYouCaring, GoFundMe, that let you create a personal fundraising page to raise funds for your pet’s medical care. They charge a small percentage of funds raised.

For Continuing Education:

Below is a list of sites where you can learn more about animal welfare and medical issues. We firmly believe in lifelong education and hope these links provide helpful information beyond what we have here on our site.

Local and regional humane societies and animal welfare groups: