Feral Cats

The AWS/Cleo Fund has a program to assist caretakers of feral cats in York County.

Feral cats received little to no socialization as kittens and thus do not have the demeanor to be house cats. They live outdoors, frequently in colonies with other feral cats. It’s not uncommon for feral cats to eat out of trashcans and dumpsters. Many rely on the kindness of human caretakers to provide regular access to fresh food and water. Feral cats may also seek shelter in outbuildings on your property.

Feral cats reproduce quickly, so without human intervention, the colonies grow, putting a strain on the limited food and resources. This is where the AWS/Cleo Fund Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) Program comes into play.

We provide the following free services and items to the caretakers of feral cats:

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery
  • Additional Veterinary Services, including a Health Exam, Rabies Shot, and Microchip (Cats are also “ear tipped” during their surgery to indicate that they are a feral cat that has been fixed)
  • Trapping Services
  • Trapping Guidance & Loaned Traps (for those who want to do the trapping themselves)
  • Cat Shelters*
  • Cat Shelter Plans
  • Feeding Stations

The AWS/Cleo Fund Feral Cat Specialist works with caretakers to:

  1. Humanely trap the feral cats
  2. Transport them to AWS for spay/neuter surgery
  3. Return them back to their colony

In the case of feral kittens, if young enough, a litter can be socialized in foster care, giving them the confidence and demeanor needed to become house cats. In these cases, kittens go up for adoption, rather than be returned to their mother’s colony.

Some cats from feral colonies may actually be stray (formerly owned house cats that have either been lost or abandoned). These cats can go up for adoption, particularly through AWS’ barn cat program, rather than be returned to the colony.

If you are feeding one or more feral cat, know the whereabouts of a colony, or would like to know more about TNR, please call us at (207) 985-3244 ext. 127.

* We have a limited number of sturdy feral cat shelters available free of charge to caretakers of feral cats. To learn more about how to obtain one for the feral cats on your property, please contact us at (207) 985-3244 ext. 127.