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Sugar Ray

Good morning AWS,

We wanted to send an update on Sugar Ray (now called Huckleberry). We are officially one month into our journey with Huck and we are making some serious progress! He is the biggest love and enjoys snuggling multiple times a day. While we never expected to adopt a deaf dog, he has really taught us a lot about the importance of clear communication (and communication that involves a lot of eye contact!).

Thanks to a lot of resources, he has learned signs for sit, stay, goodnight, all done, water, food, look at me, walk, mom and dad, and stop. While he never will respond to the call of his name, he always looks back to see where we are if we are going places or outside on his long lead. He has another good boxer friend who lives next door, Kobe, who he plays with for a couple hours a day while we are at work.

We are still working on walking on our leash and not pulling, practicing safe behavior around cars, and being comfortable with having our paws touched (a very sensitive spot we discovered at the vet). We will probably be touching base with the AWS training staff soon for some private training to continue our positive relationship and help us learn a little more about how to communicate!

Thanks AWS!

Julia and Henry Gurney