Thank You Zone

The Animal Welfare Society graciously thanks our community partners including generous individual donors, enterprising youth heroes and local business champions.

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Emma wanted to do something to help all the animals we care for on a daily basis. She took it upon herself to get together a sizable donation of treats, toys, and food for cats and dogs. Proving she loves more than just the four-footed variety, she had a ball visiting one of our resident birds during her Hero Tour. Thank you very much Emma for your generosity and devotion to our cause. We look forward to see you again.

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Mildred L. Day School

The students, teachers and their families at the Mildred L. Day Elementary School in Arundel are very generous to those less fortunate.  Every year they have a donation drive for the local food pantry and the Animal Welfare Society.  Every year we are amazed at the size of the contribution.  If these kids are any indication of the generation of children we are raising, we are looking at a humane future.

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Jameson School

The students at Jameson School in Old Orchard are animal lovers!  So are the teachers!  Especially, Mr C who ended up adopting the dog from AWS that visited their class assembly about pet care.  The teachers had a “jeans day” and donated money to the shelter and the students had a “hat day” and donated money to the shelter.  In addition, they filled a mini-van full of pet food, treats, paper towels, blankets and toys.  Thank you students, teachers and families for your support!

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Our thanks to Brandon for his recent donation to the shelter. He donated a sizable amount of his own money in order to help us care for all the animals that come through our doors. It’s always nice to see such generosity and selflessness in a young man. Thanks Brandon!

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Girl Scout Troop 1860

Our thanks go out to the girls of Scout Troop 1860 from Saco. They arranged to have a tour of the shelter to learn about animal welfare. When they arrived, they brought with them several bags of food and treats for all our residents. Each girl walked in with a bag; that’s a  lot of food! We appreciate your generosity girls, and so do the animals we take care of.

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We can never get enough of our young supporters! Lucas wanted to do something to help all the animals in our care, so he amassed a sizable donation of toys, food, and other supplies. Here he is enjoying his Hero Tour with his family and Beefcake, one of the many dogs we have available for adoption. Thank you for your generosity and support Lucas, and we hope to see you again real soon!