Thank You Zone

The Animal Welfare Society graciously thanks our community partners including generous individual donors, enterprising youth heroes and local business champions.

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Most people, young and old, simply set aside change they accumulate. They’ll leave it on a table, toss it in a jar, forget to take it out of their jeans before going in the wash, etc. But some, like young Chance here, know that every little cent can make a difference. Chance got together all of his excess change and turned it into a generous donation to the AWS. On top of that, he brought in even more when he arrived for his Hero Tour. Thanks for your generosity Chance!

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Anonymous Donation

Wouldn’t you think it would take a lifetime to fill this jug with pennies??  Not according to the donor who brought it to AWS!  This isn’t the first time he has filled a jug for the animals.  He didn’t want any recognition for this gift but we wanted to share his generousity with you!

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Jocelyn has wonderful friends and family!  When she celebrated her birthday recently she asked that they bring gifts for the AWS pets instead of for her.  And boy did they!  Kitten Food, Dog Food, Cat Litter, Treats and even a PetLife Gift Certificate!  You have a big heart Jocelyn, thank you!