Thank You Zone

The Animal Welfare Society graciously thanks our community partners including generous individual donors, enterprising youth heroes and local business champions.

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Daisy Troop 99

Daisy Troop 99 came by for a visit and to deliver donations they were able to buy with the money they raised selling cookies! The young change makers were able to bring us kongs, treats, cat nip, peanut butter, hand towels, and food for rabbits, dogs, and cats! Thanks kids!

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Liberty Mutual

A big thank you to our friends at Liberty Mutual for lending a hand. Their agents and staff members spent several days with us last week gardening, assisting with shelter cleaning and organization, and playing with our adoptable pets. We are so grateful for their generous community spirit!

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Girl Scout Troop 1573

We recently had a visit from the Girl Scouts Troop 1573! The young ladies set up a donation drive in their school and collected food, treats, toys, beds, and blankets for the animals. They also filled a basket with felt toys they made themselves. Some were fleece rope toys for dogs, others were cat nip stuffed for the cats. Thanks for all your hard work girls!

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York Middle School Kindness Project

Put your paws together to applaud Olivia, Bryleigh, and Kristen from York Middle School. They chose AWS for their Kindness Project. They got approval from their principal to go on the announcements at school to let people know about their donation drive and AWS. The York Middle School Community was very generous. Thank you all so much!

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Mail-It Unlimited

Thank you Bill, Anna and Allie Gallant. You and Mail-It Unlimited’s customers are amazing! Your generosity will keep our dogs and cats happy and full for a long time. Thank you!!!!

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Meet Awesome Isaak. He recently had a birthday and asked his friends to bring gifts for the animals in lieu of gifts for himself. The treats he brought to AWS were especially popular with our cats and dogs. Isaak’s love for animals is readily apparent and we think maybe he’ll have a career in animal welfare someday (if the NHL doesn’t work out, of course!) Thanks, Isaak, for your generosity and kindness to our animals! Smokey, Derusha, Snowbell and all our pets had a great time meeting you! Thank you for visiting the wonderful world of AWS!