Thank You Zone

The Animal Welfare Society graciously thanks our community partners including generous individual donors, enterprising youth heroes and local business champions.

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Annabelle & Casey

Annabelle and Casey visited recently to drop off a donation. Every year the two save money from their chores to donate, and this year they chose to support AWS. They have two cats at home, Cleo and Stella.

Thanks for your support and donation!

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Bissell Brothers

We are blown away by the generosity of Bissell Brothers this holiday season. AWS was honored to be selected as a beneficiary as part of their Four Weeks of Giving campaign. As you can see, we received a very BIG check matching  their sales this past Sunday. In addition, Bissell’s amazingly generous friends, family, and brewery fans dropped off tasty treats, toys, beds, food, and even a few Patriot blankets that filled our car to the VERY brim! We are overflowing with gratitude, especially the animals! Thank you so much and happy holidays from all of us at AWS!

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We are blown away by the amazing generosity of our good friend and long-time supporter Joyce. Joyce saves up all year to buy much needed supplies for our animals — litter, food and other goodies. We always love her holiday visits and are so grateful for her amazing caring heart.  (And we’d be remiss not to mention the delicious powdered donut treats she brought the staff – don’t worry, we didn’t share any of those with the animals!)

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Wag Wagon Pet Services

We recently had an AMAZING donation from Wag Wagon Pet Services, who is currently celebrating their 5th Anniversary. Throughout the month of October, which is also Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month, owner Tammi Brown held a donation drive. Her clients are amazing and Tammi and her crew dropped off 990 pounds of dry dog food, 176 ounces of peanut butter, 364 ounces of wet dog food, 456 ounces of wet cat food, 47 pounds cat litter, 14 large bags rawhide dog treats, 200 rolls of earth rated poop bags and dispensers, 50 pounds of dog cookies, 12 dog toys, 14 cat toys, 2 cat beds, 18 custom Lilly and Abbie dog collars, 20 custom Lilly and Abby dog leashes, 12 ounces of cat treats, 2 gallons of dog shampoo, 4 extra large kennels, and $175.00 cash donations. All of us at AWS are so honored to be the recipient of such kindness and generosity.

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Skyler turned 7 and had people bring donations to the AWS instead of gifts! His mom Leslie and he spent some time with Roxanne going on a great hero tour. Being so selfless is heroic! Way to go, Skyler!

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Lady Bug Club

The ladies of the Lady Bug Club from Newton Center, Hillcrest Gardens, Pavillion got together to collect community donations for their furry friends!