Thank You Zone

The Animal Welfare Society graciously thanks our community partners including generous individual donors, enterprising youth heroes and local business champions.

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SIS Bank

Our friends at Sanford Institute of Savings held a month long supply drive for our animals.  They collected food, treats and supplies for cats and dogs. All branches also participated in Jeans Day, donating fund to our pets! From all of us, especially Oscar, thank you SIS for your kindness and generosity!  It goes a long way here at AWS!

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Instead of presents, eight year old Sophie gave food and treats to the cats and dogs at the Animal Welfare Society. Now that is something to celebrate! You rock, Sophie!!

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For Norah’s 10th birthday, she collected food, litter, and treats in lieu of birthday presents for herself. That has “Hero” written all over it! Thanks, Norah!!!

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Mail-It Unlimited

A big thank you to Anna, Bill, and Allie for organizing a food drive for our animals. The amazing generosity of Mail-It Unlimited and its customers is outstanding. The collection drive brought in a whopping 871 pounds of cat and dog food and countless toys and treats for our pets!

Your support means the world to the animals of AWS!

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SIS Bank’s Touchdown for Good

We were honored to be selected as a recipient of SIS Bank’sTouchdown for Good program. For each touchdown thrown by Tom Brady in December, we received $50. Thank you to everyone at SIS for your support and for stopping by with a big check. We sure had fun!

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Alex and Abigail

Alex and Abigail asked for money for Christmas then promptly spent all that money…on our animals here at the AWS! They brought in food, toys, and treats for dogs, cats, and small animals and got a hero tour! Thanks for getting our animals off on the right paw for 2016, kids! What a way to start a new year!