Human Violence and Animal Cruelty

The link between animal abuse and human violence has been well-documented since the 1970s. Numerous studies have shown that when there is domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse or any type of human violence in the home, there often is or has been animal abuse as well.

About The Link:

Our thanks to Biddeford Public Access, Gretchen Pianka, Katie Lisnik, Clare Fortune-Agan and Lona Kapler for their hard work and expertise on the following video: Introduction to The Link. Please note that the number for the Maine Animal Welfare Program is incorrect on the video. The correct number is (877) 269-9200.

If you or someone close to you has experienced violence, there are organizations that want to help. Their advice and contact information are listed below.

If You Suspect Abuse:

Certain professionals are required by Maine state law to report suspected child or animal abuse.

If you suspect or witness animal abuse, start by calling your local Animal Control Officer. They typically operate out of the police station. You may also call the Maine Animal Welfare Program at (877) 269-9200.

If you suspect, witness, or are a victim of child abuse, call (800) 452-1999.

If you suspect, witness, or are a victim of elder abuse, call (800) 624-8404.

If you suspect, witness, or are a victim of domestic violence, call (866) 834-4357. You may also call the Caring Unlimited 24-hour domestic violence confidential hotline at (800) 239-7298.

If you suspect, witness, or are a victim of sexual assault, call (800) 871-7741.

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