The best thing I ever did was bring this guy home. So much for being the runt of the litter, heโ€™s nearly 11 pounds and very much loved.


Anastasia is very happy in her new home.


This is him happily sleeping upside down; we all know hes a weirdo ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s gained almost 8 lbs and is getting so strong and muscular. Thanks again for helping me find my new best friend!


Recently we decided to add another pet to our family. We visited AWS and immediately fell in love with our Charlie (formerly Rocky). We had adopted 4 years ago, an older gentleman named Buddy. Charlie fits right in here.


We met Gracie (now Daisy) one wet Friday afternoon! We played with her for about an hour or so. We showed her love and despite her prior issues we decided to take her home. I could be with her and help her cope. Sure enough this little baby girl has become a big part of our family! She is so loved


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Hey there! I am Ruffles’ (now Case) mom! I just wanted to let you guys know he is doing beyond amazing at his new home with me! My children and him bonded like he’s been with us forever. He hasn’t stopped purring since I met him and just loves to cuddle with my kids and I. Thank


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