I adopted Shiba a few months ago and I just wanted to show you her having some fun!! Thank you so much for my best friend! We renamed her ‘Pig,’ cause she snorts when she sleeps.


We adopted Buddy a few years back. He is such a lover. He is so good with “his” cats, and our grandkids.


My mom lost her 14yr old rescue Chihuahua that she used as companionship for her depression. So we went to your website to check out dogs. She had mentioned she wasn’t going to get another Chihuahua, but when her eyes laid on Billies picture, she said that was the one she wanted. So a few days


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I adopted “Tater” today who is now Mookie Betts or Moo for short. She is adjusting WONDERFULLY! Such a sweet baby girl and getting along and in love with her dog brother Bailey! We are in love!

Mrs. Potts

We adopted Mrs Potts almost two months ago. We were unsure about her and our rabbit but they’ve been slowly getting along and she’s finally having fun with him. She is the sweetest girl we could ever ask for and we are so thankful and I can’t say enough good things about her. She completes our


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We have had Stella for five months and she is our little angel. She is so sweet, sassy, and loving. Thank you AWS for bringing us to her. She has been such an amazing companion and she fits right in with us.