My fiancé and I adopted Norah (formally Puff) right at a time when we needed her most. My beloved cat of 7 years had just passed rather suddenly and I felt as though I needed another to help mend my heart. Norah struck me right away by her unique features and curious personality. She now lives to


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Henry aka Gato seems to be happy here. He’s starting to act like the 2 yr old adolescent boy he is! What a wonderful fun guy he is.


I adopted Theo last year from his foster caretaker Wendy Nowell. He is the sweetest baby boy. He has been a wonderful addition to my home. My 13yr old Border Collie, Piper, and 3yr old cat, Emmett, love him too.


Jaxson (f.k.a. Becks) is a great addition to our family. His big sister Abby (also adopted from AWS over 10 years ago) loves him so much and he has cheered her up after the loss of her older sister. He loves to snuggle and fetch. He can be a goofy boy and likes to “talk”.


Hello! We adopted Carson from AWS on 5/04/18. I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all you do. His name now is Elliot Special Parker. We named him after the dog and Dragon from Pete’s Dragon. He is a lovable goofball who is a huge momma’s boy. He also loves his big sister Serenity,


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I adopted ‘Shelia’ now Klio back in June. I can not even describe how blessed I am. She has made huge strives. She is still unsure about a lot of things but she has accomplished so much. Love her to pieces. Thank you again for all you do for these beautiful souls.