Adoption Partners

Generous and caring businesses right in your community open up their shops to help AWS pets find homes.  Whether keeping an adoptable pet on premises or hosting us for an adoption weekend, these businesses and their employees are committed to loving and caring for pets in need.

PetCo Foundation Resources

The PetCo Foundation, through, has recently launched an online service to help potential pet parents find their new furry family members. You can even post a picture of the type of pet you are looking for and will help you find a similar-looking match available for adoption in your area.


Satellite Adoption Centers

Throughout northern New England pet supply stores, you can find AWS pets. By housing small animals and cats for adoption at these stores, we make it more convenient for adopters and increase the number of animals we are able to help. Shop patrons and visitors can meet the pets and adopt directly from the store.

Andy’s Agway – Situated on a hill in Dayton, Andy’s Agway is a regular adoption location for adult cats, often those that are semi-social such as working (barn) cats. Stop by to shop and adopt at Andy’s.

Ann-imals – Located in York, Ann-imals was one of our first satellite adoption locations and has helped more than 100 cats find new homes over the years.

Pet Quarters – On Payne Road in Scarborough, you’ll find a cat (or an occasional rabbit) hanging out at Pet Quarters, just waiting for their new family to come along.

Super Dogs & Cats – This pet supply shop in Biddeford regularly hosts cats for adoption. The cats love greeting Super Dogs & Cats customers and being social media ambassadors for the store.

Reigning Cats & Dogs- Located in both Kennebunk and Wells, this pet food and supply store loves hosting cats up for adoption from AWS. Stop in to say hello and get some great, quality pet food while you’re at it!

PetSmart –  For many years, Biddeford PetSmart has been a cat satellite adoption location, where half a dozen AWS cats are cared for at any given time. In 2016, the partnership expanded to include small animals in several different PetSmart locations. Since 2016, more than 3,000 AWS small animals (including rabbits, birds, mice and guinea pigs) have found new homes out of PetSmart stores throughout northern New England.

Adoption Events

The following pet supply stores graciously open up their locations on a regular basis for very special adoption events.

Loyal Companion – Several times per year, Loyal Companion stores in Sanford and Saco, host AWS cats and dogs looking for new homes. Visit our calendar of events to see when you’ll be able to find a new pet at a Loyal Companion near you.

PetSmart – We are honored to take part in PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekends four times per year. During the weekend, pets are adopted directly from the store by AWS staff and volunteers. The exciting weekend includes a variety of pets, often including puppies and kittens for adoption. Visit our event calendar to see when the next Adoption Weekend will be held.