Brody is such a loving puppy. He’s always wild and does some crazy things. He always wants to play and will always be next to you (especially if they is food). As you can see his hair has grow in a lot and he his beard is our favorite.


Zen is a gift from the Universe. It didn’t take him long to settle in and take ownership of the house and of my heart. Half comedian and half lap dog, I look forward to watching the beauty of his unique personality unfold.


This handsome boy joined our family in 2005 from your shelter….he was called Fully back then but renamed Quigley! He is thriving at 15 years of age and we are thankful for having him in our lives daily…wanted to just share his story with you


Piper is doing well, getting to know her backyard and her brother Chief, who she loves already! She’s enjoying her new toys and napping in her new home.


I adopted Leighla 5.5 years ago. She is a 3 legged rescue pup from Georgia. She apparently had a front paw shot off and had to have the rest of her leg amputated. She is constantly by my side. I adopted her, bought a house, got married, and just had a baby. She has been with me through it all. She


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We adopted “Murphy,” now Pumpkin, and just wanted to update you. He’s an absolute cuddle butt and sleeps with us every night. He non stop purrs and has the cutest meow when he wants to be patted.