We adopted Wonda a couple weeks ago! She is such a sweet kitten! Her favorite place to be is with our son!


We adopted rocky a few months ago, just wanted to share what he looks like now. He fits right in with our family. He is gorgeous!


Just wanted to thank you for my puppy that I adopted in May. He’s doing great and very happy.


We adopted 3 kittens a couple of weeks ago and they are doing great ...

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As we approach our second “gotcha” anniversary with Bailey, he continues to bring laughter and love to our pack. Reported to be 11 when we adopted him, mathematically he must be approaching 13 now but he’s clearly entered the way back machine in our home. He runs and plays with his brothers,


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Hello,I thought I would finally send an update after all this time. We adopted Porkchop back in Feb 2015, and yes we kept his name, how could we not keep such a great name for such an adorable fur baby. He has been both a terror and an amazing addition to our family, he is definitely momma’s


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