We adopted Lola back in July. She was the sweetest one of her litter even if she was skittish. She lives to play with other dogs and is warming up to other people as well. She loves to play outside, but is really just a 40lb. lap dog! I can’t imagine life without her!


I wasn’t looking for another cat, until my friend pointed out this cat in the Pet Quarters Cat Condo. She was a beautiful grey with green eyes. Her story was described as 11 years old and owner has passed away. It was clear she was failing shelter life and most likely grieving her past owner and


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Adopted Crocket the kitten yesterday. He is such a good boy. We love him dearly!

Poppy & Wendy

Poppy and Wendy were sisters I adopted as kittens 1 year ago! They’ve both grown up into happy, intelligent, and affectionate cats. I’m very grateful to have them through this tough time – they really make life better!


I lost my cat of 15 yrs a few weeks ago, & was SEVERELY grieving for him. I wasn’t completely sure that I wanted another fur baby right off, but after 2 days with being in quarantine… I knew that I couldn’t be without a kitty in my life! So I headed down to you folks to just


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Joey, AKA Pebbles says Hi!  Happy Holidays!!