Filbert G. Agid-MacNeil

When my partner and I learned that we would be working remotely this year, we decided it would be a good time to bring a new pet into our home.

Real talk? I was thinking a mellow cat, likely older.

And yet, when we arrived at AWS and folks brought us a kitten, we found we could not say


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Dekey & Penny Roo

Dekey and his BFF Penny Roo!


Aoife settled in easily and quickly. She is an absolute delight! Playing, cuddling and even napping together. I think it’s a case of not sure who rescued whom but she definitely filled a void in my heart!


I am a volunteer and generally visit the Cat Rooms. Many weeks I would see this sweet face looking out. The school students had posted a sweet drawing & info about him just outside his cage stating how sweet he was but that he has arthritis. He apparently had been there for some time…perhaps


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Violet and Butters

We wanted to reach out and thank you for helping us recently and we wanted to share a picture of our new kitties who are very happy and healthy.

Cheddar and Dawn are now Violet and Butters πŸ™‚


We re-named Poole, Sadie so she could keep some of her southern roots from Georgia. In her 1st 24 hours she has conquered her food, litter box and a few favorite places. She really loves her treats and really really loves her self-warming bed!