Speedy, adopted a week ago, is settling in with his new buddy Nibbles!


We wanted to let you know that Muffin, who we have decided to re-name Nova, has settled in immediately into our family, and we have discovered she loves watching Paw Patrol!


Adopted “Abby” from you 2 weeks ago. She is now Baby and an adventuring dog!  🙂


It’s Simba! He is doing awesome!


My baby Josie has been with me for almost a year now and she is such a good cat!  Thank you  for helping her adopt me!

Twyla & Bella

Both my kitties were from Animal Welfare Society, I adopted them since Twyla was 12 weeks old..now 9, and Bella (Dior) was 5 months old..now 6. They are wonderful but both spoiled

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