From their paws … to your heart!

Welcome to AWS’ blog – written by the pets at AWS!

Whether it’s a dog who likes to blog, a cat that enjoys a chat, a bird who shares the word or the occasional funny bunny, you’ll love hearing from the animals directly. The pets featured in this blog are all looking for new homes. Check back regularly because our pets have a lot to say!

May 20, 2020

Hi I’m Starky, and I’m looking for a fun-loving family to call my own. I love kids, other dogs and even cats, so I’m a great family pet. I’m fun and outgoing and love to have space to run, run, run. I entertain myself barking at all the leaves and squirrels I can see. Ok, I’ll admit, I might even bark at that nice person who brings your Amazon boxes too. But hey, I can’t help myself! Barking is in my genes! When I’m not in the yard exploring and running, I love to be snuggling inside with my people. I’m a cozy lap dog, and I enjoy chilling while you watch TV, read or play. I don’t need a lot of attention inside, just being near you is enough for me, though perhaps once-in-a-while we can engage in a game of tug.

Here’s the thing, I don’t like to be left alone. Sure, now that’s not a problem, like everyone is home due to this social distancing thing I hear all about, but what about when things “open up” again? Will you still be home most of the time? Will you be able to take me with you if you run errands? Will we be able to vacation together? Do you love having a doggo copilot in the car? Do you yearn from a constant canine companion, especially one who is as handsome as me? If so, perhaps I am your new pup!

Give AWS a call if you’d like to meet me. Remember adoptions are by appointment so you have to call and speak to a staff member first. Since they are super busy taking care of me and my other friends, they are only available to answer the phones from 11 am – 3 pm each day, so please call then. Thank you!

May 15, 2020

Hello there. You, yes, you! You there! Hi! I’m Iris! Pleased to meet you! Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a very friendly and outgoing friend. I’ve never met a stranger and I have been told I’m a lovely companion to adults, kids, dogs, cats, everyone! Am I lovely because I’m stunningly beautiful or lovely because I have a fantastic personality? Or both? You’ll just have to find out when you meet me. (Psst… it’s both!)

My friends at AWS tell me I’m sweet, loving, lovable, friendly, outgoing, charming, delightful, and then they had to stop and get a thesaurus. I don’t know what a thesaurus is but I do know there are lots of amazing ways to describe me! And those are just a few! I’ll add adorable, cheery, darling, loyal, affectionate and an all-around nice gal!

Now, I do have to tell you, I have hyperthyroidism, which is a condition easily managed by daily medication. I’m good at taking my pills too, so don’t let that deter you from meeting me!

Here at AWS, we have a fantastic cat garden for us felines to look out on. There are bird feeders and sometimes even the squirrels come by to entertain us. In this garden, some small beautiful purple flowers are starting to make their appearance – irises! Just like me! Wouldn’t it be great if I were home before the irises bloomed? So I could enjoy my namesake flowers from the comfort of my very own home? I’d really love that! 💜

If you’d like to meet me (and c’mon, why wouldn’t you), call AWS at (207) 985-3244 between the hours of 11 am – 3 pm to make an appointment. I’ve got my day planner open, ready to pencil you in!

May 5, 2020

Oh the weather is getting nicer, and how I long to go outside….. I’m Polar and I’m your typical indoor/outdoor cat. Inside is ok, don’t get me wrong, and I’m content to curl up in a warm spot on a cool evening or look out the window on a rainy day. And of course meals are best served in the kitchen, but my very favorite place in the world is out in the fresh air. I’ve always been an indoor/outdoor cat and it truly is the way I live my best life. It’s the way to get out all my kitty energy, use my keen sense of curiosity and practice all those things cats are naturally inclined to do!

In fact, one of my friends at AWS said it best and I quote, “He’s very smart and needs that open air and freedom to keep him happy and keep his mind working. I think when he’s given that outdoor access, he’ll probably be more relaxed inside his home.”

Well, then why am I not a barn cat or what you humans call a feral cat? Well, I’m a socialized fellow, that’s why. I’m used to humans, and I am a friendly chap. Humans are pretty cool, after all. And I couldn’t live without ‘em. They feed me, they keep me healthy by taking me to the vet and they give me a safe and comfortable place to come home to. My humans don’t mind my friendliness – they like when I rub up for a quick pet or catch them on the couch for a short snuggle (though not for too long – quick as a flash I’m off on my next adventure).

Humans can get quite silly with their laughter when I entertain them (you just wait – my rolling around on the floor routine is EPIC). I’m also known to do zoomies around the house, which my humans quite enjoy watching – it’s like a one-cat race, Olympic-style and I always win the gold! Ball chasing and feather batting round out my comedic repertoire. It’s fun to make my humans laugh at my antics!

What do I like best about my humans? I especially like them when they let me out in the morning and call me back in for the night. I appreciate that they trust me to be on my own during the day, where I am most happy. Heck, I might even take care of a few pesky rodents around the property, if you really want me to!

So c’mon, doesn’t a cute and handsome guy like me deserve a great home with you? I’ll entertain you with my epic routines and comedy shows, and I’ll be a great addition to your home and property!



April 29, 2020

Why do mice make great pets?

– Mice are very smart. Just like a dog or a cat, mice can recognize human faces and get excited when they see (and smell) their people coming. They are adept at navigating mazes and can even use their smarts to learn tricks! Like dogs, they are very treat motivated, especially if they are going to be rewarded with cheese or fruit!

– Mice are very loving and affectionate. Mice like to be snuggled and pet just like any other animal (although, probably a little more gently). They enjoy riding on your shoulder or sitting in your hand to snack on some veggies. They are great TV watching and reading companions as they are happy to curl up in your lap or in your pocket for a nap!

-Mice don’t take up much space and are clean and tidy. They keep their sleeping area free from getting soiled or dirty from loose food or debris and may let you know when things get untidy! They tend to do their ‘business’ in designated areas of their habitat, separate from their eating and sleeping areas – some can be trained to use the litterbox! Also like cats, they groom themselves regularly and keep themselves very clean.

– Mice can entertain and exercise themselves in their habitats, provided sufficient space and activities. A wheel, a hidey hole and a few ramps, ropes or shelves can keep a mouse busy for hours, all in the safe confines of his home.

– Mice are great first pets because they don’t require the care and commitment of a larger pet (such as a dog or cat) yet they can teach children how to be responsible and compassionate caregivers. Even children as young as toddlers (with parental oversight, of course) can participate in taking care of their pet mice by feeding, preparing fresh water or cleaning the habitat. Kids are naturally drawn to mice, as they are commonplace in cartoons and children’s books – Mickey & Minnie, Cinderella’s dressmakers, the Rescuers, Tom’s Jerry, Stuart Little, motorcycle-riding Ralph S. Mouse, the list goes on and on.

-Last but not least, mice are downright adorable and amusing. Watching a mouse run on its wheel or nibble its fruit is great entertainment and a wonderful way for a family to bond.

AWS has more than a dozen young mice available for adoption. Male mice prefer to live in a habitat solo while females can live alone or in pairs. The adoption fee is $10/mouse or $16 for a pair of females. Appointments to meet and adopt can be made by calling AWS at (207) 985-3244 between the hours of 11 am – 3 pm daily.

Walt Disney said it best, “I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.” Start your adventure with a pet mouse today!

April 18, 2020

Hi, I’m Eva and I was asked to be today’s pet blogger for AWS. As I sit here at the keyboard, I am very nervous. I’m not sure what to say and it’s making me anxious. It’s ok, Eva, you got this. One word at a time. Just type what you’re thinking …. Let people know what an awesome cat you are …. inside and out…. You can do this, Eva!

Ok, here I go. When I first came to AWS, I was very frightened. It was nothing like I had seen before, with new people, new smells and new places. I got anxious and didn’t know how to respond. It was scary. The good people at AWS could tell how frightened I was, so they set me up in a nice big kitty condo in a quiet office where I could get used to my surroundings at my own pace. At first, the only way I could think to react was to hiss or back away. I spent a lot of time hiding. But my friends at AWS knew that with patience and very gentle attention, they could show me that it wasn’t a scary place. Every day, a staff member or volunteer would come and sit near me. They would open my condo door, just in case I wanted to come out, but it was always up to me how I wanted to proceed. They would talk or sing, or sometimes we would just listen to the radio together. At first, I wouldn’t even make eye contact, but my friends didn’t force it and just let me do my thing.

After about 10 days, I made eye contact. Wow, it was exhilarating and not scary. Before too long, I was blinking at my friends, you know the soft, slow blink that cats do to show love. Then after two or three days of eye contact, I started moving about my condo when my friends were there, happily rubbing up against things. One day, I decided to be really brave and go out the door. My friend Lizzie was there that day and she gently put out her hand. I went over and rubbed up against it. Suddenly, my happy motor started – I was purring! Wow, it felt great. I even let Lizzie scratch behind my ears! Then I went back into my condo and snuggled up with some blankets and purred to my heart’s content. When Lizzie came to check on me a few hours later, I was still purring! She gave me some treats and I let her scratch behind my ears again. That became our regular routine

Shortly after that, my AWS friends decided I was ready to go up for adoption. With the Adoption Center being closed to visitors, I am not overwhelmed and actually have one of the Community Cat Rooms all to myself. I have high perches to climb, windows to look out and lots of cozy blankets to cat nap. I get quiet and gentle visits every day from the AWS staff and I come out of my shell a little bit more each day, always at my own pace.

I am still very cautious and apprehensive when I first meet people, but I’m learning that with gentleness and patience on their part, I start to feel more comfortable and my sweet personality starts to show through. I am nervous about going home with new people as I think the transition will be stressful for me, and I may feel like I did when I first came to AWS, but a home of my very own with people who love me will be just grand so I’m going to be brave. I know that I can make the transition to a new home, just like I learned to be comfortable at AWS. If you think you have the quiet home and the calm and gentle heart that I need to thrive, how about giving AWS a call? My friends there will be happy to chat with you about me and the best ways to get to know me and make me comfortable. I know together, slowly, we can become a happy, loving family.

April 13, 2020

Hi friends, it’s your favorite Hound Dog Beverly. I know today is a cold and gloomy day, and I’m very happy to be with my foster family, indoors where it is warm and cozy. But I want to tell you about my exciting adventure last week!! On one of the very nice weather, I went out with Jasmine, one of my AWS pals. We took a long walk in the woods behind AWS. There were lots of trails to explore and each trail smelled deliciously of squirrels. Did I tell you how much I love squirrels? Love to chase that is! I have been told I am the best squirrel chaser on this side on the east coast. If I pick up the scent, I’ll tree any squirrel I find!

Anyway, back to my adventure. We walked and walked and walked and came to this beautiful body of water. Jasmine told me it was a river. I thought it looked so cool and inviting. I went out on a limb (literally) to get a better view. Jasmine warned me to be careful, but once I set my mind on something, I am laser focused. I stepped gingerly once, then again, what a beautiful view. Then I tried to take another step and ……. Splash!
Guess what, guys? I love swimming! It’s so much fun! The water was crisp and clear and cool and it was so fun to paddle around! Poor Jasmine, though she was so worried about me! “Bevvy, Bevvy, are you ok?” I could hear her saying as I swam about. I thought, gosh, what if she comes in the water after me, I don’t think she’ll like it as much as I do. So I came out of the water to let her know I was just fine. She gave me a big hug and I got her all wet!

So maybe, in my new home, we can take adventures to your closest swimming hole? I know I would love it!!!