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January 18, 2022: Great Things for Jerry- ADOPTED!

Hiiiiii! My name is Jerry and it’s SO nice to meet you! My friends here at AWS said I was allowed to go on the computer today and write a little story about myself, even though I have big paws and I don’t know how to spell… oh well! I’ll just use that auto-correct stuff. Anyway, hello! I’m excited to get to know all you fine folks out there in the world because I heard the world is a very big place filled with lots of nice people looking for cute pets like me. That’s good to hear because I happen to be one pup looking for a family of my very own!

You see, I came to Maine via a transport program called Road Trip Home all the way from Georgia where it’s always sunny and warm. It was quite a shock to get off that truck and feel the chill of my first Maine winter on my fur. However, now that I’m here I’m excited to jump right into the New England lifestyle! I already got to witness my first snow and boy oh boy was that exciting. I’m a very energetic and active pup and so I like to get right down and dirty. Not that I’m dirty per say… I just like to get messy… well not messy but… you know what I mean! (I’m clean, I promise!) Anywho, I would love to meet some people who are just as active and energetic as me! If you like to hike or walk or go running or explore or snowshoeing… I’m the dog for you! Oh, I also love, love, LOVE cookies and will do just about anything for one. I’m not picky, either. I go with the flow and play where you want to play and snack what you want to snack. As long as I can be by my people’s side, it’s okay with me!

Because I’m so energetic and I like to pounce and play a lot, I think I would prefer my new home not have other animals or small children. I wouldn’t want t step on any toes or chase any tails! That way, you and me can be together forever and ever, just the two of us! (Or three, or four… I love people!) I can’t wait to start this new chapter in my life and begin being an adventure buddy to someone special! I know my perfect people are out there and I’ll bet they’re missing me just as much as I’m wanting them. I’ve heard that good things take time but great things happen all at once… so here’s hoping that my adoption happens soon! I can’t wait to be your best friend ♡


January 13, 2022: Explore the World with Brady!-ADOPTED

Hi there! Hello! My name is Brady and it’s so amazing to meet you! I came to AWS not that long ago looking for a family and home who can match me in energy and style. You see, I LOOOVE to play and bounce around and explore and I hope to find people who like to do those things as well. I would be a great adventure buddy! Really! Anything you’re down for you can count me in! I’ll be your travel companion and best friend. Plus, I’m the sweetest girl ever!

Everyone here at AWS has been so nice to me and getting me ready for adoption. I’m still quite young you see (eight months old and still growing!), so I have some learning to do. Good thing I love to learn and work my brain! I know sometimes I can be a bit jumpy and impulsive, but I promise I’m working on that. I hope my new family will take training classes with me because I know I can be a star student! I just need the right outlet to learn and my people to be there to support me. Plus, I’ll get cookies and lots of love!

In my previous home, I was the only pet and didn’t grow up around other dogs or cats. I think I would be okay with them, though, because I’m still learning how to be the best dog I can be. My friends here at AWS would be happy to talk to you about me! I’m fine with it. I love attention and getting talked about. Every time I hear my name my ears perk right up! I do so hope with all my heart that my family comes and finds me soon because there’s such a big, wide world out there that needs exploring. I’m itching to start my life with someone like you and I can’t wait to share all my love and snuggles with someone special. My new life begins with a simple phone call from you! I’ll be waiting!! *woof*


January 3, 2022: Two Sweet Sisters- ADOPTED

Hi there! My name is Luna and I’m the pretty kitty who’s sitting on top of my throne there in the cat tree. That lovely lady behind me in the window is my little sister Sophie. She’s a bit shyer than me and more reserved, so I thought it would be appropriate if I spoke for the both of us. I don’t mind, after all. I’m used to the attention, and I can’t wait for you all to get to know us!

You see, we’re a bonded pair of sisters which means we must find our new home together. We came from our previous home having known each other forever, and I love my sister very much. I wouldn’t want to be away from her for too long! She might not always show it, but Sophie is super sweet and loving. She always knows how to brighten my day! Coming to AWS has been a big shift for us and so I can understand why she’s acting a little removed from me lately. Once we’re in our new home I just know for sure that she’ll come out of her shell and be her loving, sweet, and cuddly self again!

As for me, I also had to get used to this change. I think I’m warming up to our new friends here a lot faster than Soph, but I’ve always been the more charismatic one. I like attention a lot and I’m always ready for a nice head scratch or a cuddle on the couch. I’ve taken to rubbing against the legs of all the staff here while they work, which they tell me is very distracting but also very cute. They always stop to pet me! I guess I’m just good at winning people over!

It’s quite lovely and warm and safe here at AWS and we’re both fond of the company, but I think it’s time we found a new home of our very own. We’re both ready to start living that nice, relaxed life again with our new family whom we can’t wait to meet! We love people and spreading joy and comfort is what we do. My sister and I want nothing more than to cuddle up with our people on the couch to watch a good movie or spy on the neighbors and birds from a warm, sun-filled window. We’d be forever grateful to anyone who wants to adopt us because as far as we’re concerned, you’d be our hero and our whole world! In the meantime, we’ll be here soaking up all the love and attention and waiting for our family to find us. Who knows?? Maybe it could be you! (We hope so ♥)


November 3, 2021: It’s a Wonderful Life with Lillie & Abbie- ADOPTED

Hi there! My name is Abbie and that beautiful snow-white husky next to me is my little-big sister, Lillie. I call her my “little-big” because while she is younger than me, she’s much bigger and tends to be my protector and best friend. Ya know, like a big sister would be! I love her very much!

I love you too, Abbie! We’re two peas in a pod and you’ve been a part of my life since as long as I can remember… all 13 years of it I believe! That’s why our wonderful friends here at AWS wouldn’t dream of separating us. We’re looking for a nice, quiet home where we can be adopted together. Sisters until the very end!

That’s right Lillie, but not just any home. You see, we need a very special home where we will be adopted and loved, but also cared for while Lillie goes through a very hard time in her life…

It’s okay big sis, I’ll tell them. You see everyone, when we first came to AWS we went to the doctors for a routine checkup. While there, it was discovered that I have a mammary mass that cannot be removed due to my age and overall health. As such, our new home would have to be a special place of hospice for me where I can live out the rest of my days peacefully and in the presence of people who love me, including my wonderful sister here who has supported me through all of life.

Yes, we do feel rather sad about Lillie’s condition sometimes, but we have decided to focus on only the positives in our lives. First off, we can’t wait to find our new home! After our original owner could no longer care for us, we knew it would be the start to a new adventure for the two of us and a chance to find some more humans to love. What an exciting time!

It’s true, Abbie. We might be into our golden years now but we’re still full of such wonder and zest for life. I hope our new family likes to take walks through the woods because there’s nothing I love more than sniffing flowers and leaves and watching the seasons change. I also love to snuggle and cuddle up on those cold Maine nights while my human drinks some tea and watches movies.

Oohh yeah, I love that too. I can’t wait to watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’! That movie always gives me goosebumps all over my fur. Because life really is wonderful when you’re surrounded by the people and pets who love you. That’s definitely something I’ve learned from you, Lillie.

Thanks big sis, you make my life wonderful, too! Now we just need our family to come and complete our little story so we can have a happy ending as well. I know they’re out there somewhere and looking for two sweet, senior gals like us. We just have to remember that the best things in life are worth waiting for.

So true little-big sister. I can’t wait to find our perfect people who will make our wonderful lives even more wonderful!


November 1, 2021: Make Memories With Jax- ADOPTED

Gooood morning, friends! Or is it afternoon? I’m not so good with time being a dog and all. Good thing I have a knack for typing, though! Anyway, my name is Jax and it’s such a pleasure to meet you! I love, love, love meeting new people and I just can’t wait to tell you all about myself! As you might have guessed, I’m an extrovert who thrives on attention, action, and squeaky balls. I’ll always be the first pup to speak up and be heard. I guess I just like the excitement! I know I can be a handful sometimes but that’s just who I am, no strings attached. Why hide my true self, after all? I was born to be a star!

I found myself here at AWS (where I’m currently living the dream) when my previous owner could no longer care for me properly. I was a little confused at first given the sudden change, but I totally understand and hold no grudge. My life’s path takes me down so many unique roads! Now I’m starting a new adventure where I get to look for people who want to adopt an energetic and playful pet like me. Speaking of which, do you like to hike? Or maybe jog? Do you like to go on adventures or go trekking across the state? How about chase seagulls on the beach or do agility with your friends? If so, I ‘m the perfect canine companion for you! I like to do all those things! My mind is sharp, and my body is full on energy so I enjoy stimulation and things that can keep my busy. I’m sure someone out there can understand.

Of course, I’m not 100% all day every day. I do like to snuggle and have my quiet time, too. There are many days where I dream of sunning myself on the porch with my people or playing in the snow on a quiet, cold afternoon. I’m also smart as a whip and am ready to learn when you are! I will admit, however, that I sometimes can’t control myself around kitty cats and small kiddos. It’s not that I mean to chase them or knock them down, I’m just a big boy with a lot of energy! That being said, I think I would do best in my new home without either young kids or cats. I just want to make sure I put my best paw forward for you!

So, what do you think? Do we sound like a match made in Heaven? I hope so because I’m sooo ready to find my happy, new home and fall in love with my new family. There are so many sunsets to watch, and paths to run, and smells to sniff, and adventures to take. I want to experience all of those things in my life and I know that as long as I have my humans by my side, those experiences will turn into life-long memories that we can share. What a dream!


October 26, 2021: A Little Ditty ’bout Jack & Diane- ADOPTED

Hey there, folks! It’s so nice to meet you! Our names are Jack and Diane and we’re a bonded pair of siblings who are super excited to be writing to you all today. We can’t wait to find our happy home together because we love people and we seem to bring out the best in you humans. You see, whenever the AWS staff are around us, they all start humming the same, catchy tune. Now, we’re not sure exactly what they’re saying, but we think it goes a little something like this: “Here’s a little ditty about Jack and Diane. Two American cats growing up in Vacationland. Jack, I’m going to be adopted by you, Diane is debu-cat and she is, too.”

Gosh! You humans must love us so much to put our names in a song! We’re honored, really. And who could blame you? We’re pretty great after all. You see, we’re both social cats who like attention and getting pet (even if Diane hides sometimes.) We like to watch the comings and goings around here at AWS and are always looking for someone to play with us. Plus, there’s never been a lap we didn’t like! Everyone around here always mentions how curious and cute we are and how we’d make someone like you very happy. We just don’t have a care in the world!

Well, I guess there is one thing that’s constantly on our minds and that’s finding our happy home together. We’ve been here at AWS for quite a little bit now and we’re right on the edge of our kitty toes just waiting for our family! We know it will happen when the time is right but it’s so hard to be patient sometimes. Especially since we know we’re such good cats. We like people of all shapes and sizes and other pets are a-okay with us! We just need that special someone to come along and fall in love with us the way we would with you. After all, what’s that line from our song that you humans keep singing? Oh yeah, “Let it rock, let it roll. Let our adopters come and complete our souls. Holdin’ on to forever as long as we can. Change is coming ‘round real soon, make us happy as a clam!” Yeah, we’re pretty sure those are the lyrics!


October 7, 2021: Born to Be Unique- ADOPTED!

Hi! Hello! My name is Mae and I’m super, duper excited to meet you! How’s it going? How’s your day? Okay, hold on, let me slow down. I’m just very anxious to get to know you! I love people and I love to make friends. Maybe we’d be friends, huh? I bet we would. I can already tell you’re awesome! But I don’t want to be rude so let me tell you a little about myself first.

Hi, I’m Mae (did I say that already?). I’m only two and a half years old and I’m looking for my happy, new home. I’m currently at the Animal Welfare Society hoping to get adopted by my special family (but you probably already knew that.) I bet what you didn’t know is that I’m also a super special kitty. That’s right, I know I’m unique! You see, I have Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (or FIV) which is a slow-acting viral disease that may eventually compromise my immune system. However, never fear! With regular vet check-ups, a healthy diet, and a clean, safe home environment, I can totally live a long and normal lifespan! I might have flair-ups now and again, but everyone gets sick sometimes, right? I promise that my special condition is no big deal to me and that I live everyday like it’s the best day ever. I just have so much I want to see and do in my life!

Oh, you’re also probably wondering about my eye, right? Well, that’s nothing to worry about either! I just have a very prominent third eyelid that overlaps my eye more than it should. It sometimes gives me mild irritation but again, it’s no big deal to me. I can even still see through it! I actually think I look kinda cool, like a pirate perhaps. What? You don’t think cats can be pirates? Well, let me show you! Anyway, all I’m trying to say is that I have a few special quirks that you might not find in your average cat. But that’s okay with me because I’m totally not average! I was born to be unique, and those little quirks make me who I am. Spend just five minutes with me and I promise we’ll be best friends. Think of all the amazing stories you can tell your friends about me!

I want to be adopted ASAP because while I love it here at AWS, I’m just so ready to start my next swashbuckling adventure! You see, I’m a little cat with a whole lot of personality and spunk and these cattages just can’t contain me anymore! I like to open doors sometimes and let myself out into the world. It’s kinda my thing. But don’t worry, I always make friends along the way who bring me back to my little house. However, should I be adopted, think of all the places I could explore! A whole new world would open up for me! And think of all the toys! And the cat trees! And, of course, you! That’s the best part, really. I want to find my special person who’s as unique and awesome as I am. I also love other animals and would totally fit into almost any household. I like to think that my perfect home is almost complete, they just need a little Mae Mae in their life!

Long story short, I know I’d make the perfect cat for you. I’m so full of life and love and energy and we could be best friends forever. My life is pretty good and I’m always staying positive but until I find my family, I’m going to be just one little pirate in a wide, open world. Won’t you join my crew?