From their paws … to your heart!

Welcome to AWS’ blog – written by the pets at AWS!

Whether it’s a dog who likes to blog, a cat that enjoys a chat, a bird who shares the word or the occasional funny bunny, you’ll love hearing from the animals directly. The pets featured in this blog are all looking for new homes. Check back regularly because our pets have a lot to say!

July 29, 2020

Hi, I’m Sweet Pea and I’m looking for a sweet pea for myself. I’d like to find a roommate who mirrors my own personality……

🛋 🖥 🎶 I would love a roommate who enjoys being near me, but who doesn’t expect a lap cat. Lounging together (perhaps me on the back of the couch) watching TV or listening to music is just lovely.

👵🏻🤶🏽👩🏾‍🦳 I would love a roommate who is a single lady, much like myself, perhaps in her golden years, much like myself. Let’s retire together in a quiet home without a lot of hustle and bustle.

📚 🍪 🧩 I would love a roommate who is curious about the world and active in her home – I love to follow my person around to see what’s up. Whether you’re cooking, baking, sewing, reading, doing puzzles or checking your phone, I’m sure to be nearby!

🏠🌞 🛏 I would love a roommate who truly understands what it’s like to be a cat and provide lots of sunny spots, cozy corners and window perches for me to enjoy.

🎣 🐾 🐭 I would love a roommate who likes to play! Despite my age, I am very playful and enjoy interacting with my person, especially when there is a pretend mouse or string toy involved!

📞📱☎️ So if you think you and I would make great roommates, give my friends at AWS a call at (207) 985-3244. They are happy to set up an appointment for us to meet and start our lives together!


July 23, 2020

Hello friends, I’m Julie the bunny! I’ve just come back to AWS from being in foster care and I can’t wait to find my new burrow!

I’m a friendly, outgoing bun and I have my curiosity level set to MAX – that is, when I’m not snoozing the afternoon away. I’m pretty smart, too. I can figure out how to leap tall cages in a single bound! So, would you be willing to have me lots of cage-free time? I will thank you with lots of binkies and zooms and some whisker tickles. Otherwise, I get kind of frustrated being cooped up. You understand, right?

I don’t love to be held, but tempt me with a strawberry top, and I’m all yours! I’m litter box trained and love my jingle toys!

I can’t wait to meet you! To learn more about adopting me, call at AWS at (207) 985-3244.



July 20, 2020

Hi, I’m Hugo and I’m here to tell you a little bit about my charming self. I asked my friends at AWS for the top three adjectives to describe me. They said fun-loving, playful and slobbery. I think that just sums me up perfectly.

I’m always up for a good time, whether it’s taking a walk, playing with my toys or going on a car ride. Or a combination of all three – I’ll even carry my own toy in my mouth so you don’t have to worry about it! I’ll even take it with me on our walk! I love to take car rides. It’s so fun to know we are going someplace new and exciting. Walking with my peeps is also a good time – I might pull on the leash a little, but it’s just because I’m a big boy. I do like to stay near my people, so I’m not trying to get away. And I’ll bark at the squirrels, like any good dog, but chasing them isn’t my deal.

One thing I like to do is jump. I know, I know. Jumping dogs aren’t for everyone, but how else can I cover your face with my wet, slobbery kisses?!? Since I like being with my people so much, perhaps we could take a training class together – that might help me best learn when to jump and when not to jump. Speaking of being with my people …. my most favorite thing to do is be your lap dog. I mean, I’m just a small pup, after all. I can curl right up in your lap no problem. Right? There’s plenty of room for me 😉

I’m a loving, loyal and all-around pal. Let’s meet! Give my friends at AWS a call to learn more about me!!


July 13, 2020

Hi, I’m Sullivan, but you can call me Sully! I’m looking for a new adventure. I really like to be outdoors, spending time with my person (or two people – not a huge family though) doing cool Maine-y things – hiking, camping, walking, paddle boarding (I’ve never tired that last one, but I’m willing to give it a shot!) and more!

The best part of taking adventures with my people is that we are together – me and my pack. I love my people so much and don’t hesitate to show them all my love and affection. I mean, look at me! I’m handsome and adorable all at once! And how can you resist these eyes?!?!

Here’s the thing though. I want my pack to be my humans only. Big groups, especially when they are a mix of people I don’t know and other dogs, are so scary and overwhelming for me! I’m an introvert at heart and I get really uncomfortable in these situations. I wish I could tell my people with words that these things make me unhappy, but since I can’t, I usually act impulsively until we can leave and I can go back to my more peaceful, comfortable lifestyle. So I ask, in my new home, please don’t put me in these situations where I feel uncomfortable – no visits to the dog park or other crowded places, no canine visitors to my home, and if you have a big gathering in the back yard, please let me stay inside!

So let’s go on joyful and fun adventures together, just our pack. Doesn’t that sound like fun?! Ring up my pals here at AWS to learn more about adopting ME! Tell them Sully told you to call!


July 1, 2020

Hello there. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Paprika! I’m a cinnamon rabbit with a little spice!

I’ve been living with a foster family since this weird human sickness has been going around, and now I’m getting big enough to find my family. My foster family says that AWS is going to find me a perfect home and I can’t wait. Maybe you’re it!

You should probably know about my favorite things…you know, just to be sure that we’re compatible!

  • snuggling up and burrowing in pieces of fleece
  • chewing
  • munching on sticks, pinecones, cardboard and vacuum cords (just once, I promise!)
  • chewing
  • my once daily strawberry top (I mean, I could eat hundreds, but my foster mom says that just one is a big enough treat for a little girl like me)
  • timothy hay
  • timothy hay
  • timothy hay
  • zooming
  • binkies (what? never heard of a bunny binky? You’re in for a treat! That’s how you’ll know that I’m happy!)
  • having lots of space to zoom and binky (who ever came up with the idea of a bunny hutch? I like to move my legs!)
  • stretching allllll the way out like a frog when I’m resting

My not so favorite things? Glad you asked. I’m a little shy.

  • being held
  • living outdoors (I like the comforts and safety of a snug roof!)

Never had a bunny before? That’s ok. You can learn so much online and from my friends at AWS! So c’mon, don’t be shy. Give AWS a call right NOW to learn about adopting ME! (207) 985-3244.