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January 15, 2021: Two Singing Sisters

Hi there, everybody! Our names are Happy and Dopey and we’re two lovely, little sisters who are looking for a permanent home to call our own. When we first arrived at AWS there were actually seven of us in total (we bet you can guess our sibling’s names!), and over the course of a couple of weeks all our brothers and sisters got adopted. We were so thrilled to be able to watch our siblings make the journey home and we can imagine all the wonderful and musical fun they must be having now. However, we think it’s about time that we find our new family because we have so many songs we’d like to sing and so many fun memories to make with them! I mean, just listen to us… aren’t we perfectly in sync?! Well, I suppose you can’t actually hear us, but we promise we are.

Like most parakeets, the both of us really enjoy our music time and would love it if you joined in! It might take a little bit for us to warm up to our new family and get used to the rhythms, but we promise that once we do, we’re a great little chorus! We will admit that we can be shy at first (hey, it’s hard to have stage fright when you’re a singer!), but with a little love and patience we’re willing to bet we can be best friends! We might even like to ride around on your shoulder or step up on your finger for a dance. We’re all about the performing arts! We would also love, love, love to be let out once and while so we can fly around our new home and spread our wings a little bit. We are birds after all, and our flight time is very important to us. That is, of course, only if we are let out into a safe environment that is enclosed with no cats or other harmful things. We’re quite sensitive little animals but we do have a big sense of adventure and wonder!

Since arriving at AWS, everyone keeps telling us that we’re the happiest little birds they’ve ever seen. And although we are quite content here, what would make us even happier would be to find our new family and finally have a home to call our own. Just like any cat or dog, we parakeets can make life-long connections with our family members and enjoy the company of people. We’re so ready to be the new loves of your life and in return, we promise to fill your house with beautiful music and a morning salute to the sun! So, what do you say? Want to give us two, singing sisters a chance? We’d love nothing more!

UPDATE 1/18: Happy and Dopey have been adopted! 

January 12, 2021: Pilots to the Rescue

Hi friends! I’m Cye. Don’t mind my sad looking appearance in these photos, I’m just doing my best impression of Grumpy Cat!!!!

I’ve been on quite an adventure lately. I’m originally from Virginia (Pittsylvania to be exact), but I didn’t have a home and that was really hard. Then some nice people decided to give me a better chance of finding a home by sending me to Maine with Pilots to the Rescue! Twenty-nine other cats and I hopped on a little plane and began our journey through the skies. It was a quick flight and before we knew it, we were in Maine! Twelve of us came to AWS; the others to other area Adoption Centers including ARL in Westbrook. It’s been great here at AWS so far – my new friends are kind and gentle, and they’ve checked me out pretty closely at the vet clinic. You see, I don’t have a functional eye on my right side (originally I was told it had been lost, but it’s really a tiny non-functional eyeball that you can barely see). The vets here at AWS wanted to make sure that everything is a-okay (and it is, I’m a pretty healthy gal, despite being on my own for a while). At my adoption appointment, they will give you all my medical records and explain my eye situation to you as I’ll need surgery to have what remains of my tiny eyeball removed, as to reduce my chances for infection. AWS will cover the cost of the surgery. As for the details – I’ll let the people in the Adoption Center explain it to you – those medical words are far too fancy for me!

So even though the plane has landed and I have made it to AWS, my trip isn’t over. The final leg of my journey will be when you open my traveling crate inside your house and tell me I’m home. Give AWS a call to make your appointment to meet me and we can start our life together – that would make me so very happy!

UPDATE: Cye was adopted 1/15!

January 6, 2021: New Year, New Best Friend

Hi there everybody! My name is Eros and boy oh boy am I happy to be writing to you guys! I wish we could see each other face to face so that I could give you big kiss right from the start but alas, this will have to do. I’ve been waiting for my new home for quite some time now and I thought it’s now or never to get the ball the rolling! I’ve made some incredible friends here at AWS and even get to spend my free time in some of the human’s special office rooms, but I really would like a space to call my own. Don’t get me wrong or anything, I love it here. But watching all my canine friends wag their tails goodbye everyday as they walk out those doors with their new, happy families makes me long for my own ya know? It’s not that I feel jealous of them or sorry for myself (I really am happy that they’re so happy!), I just think that with the new year here and a with a fresh outlook on life, I’m ready to start living my best life!

So, what does that life look like? Well for me, I think my best life would be living with a happy, active family with older, respectful children who can handle me properly. It’s not that I’m mean or anything, I just don’t like fast movements or unpredictability. That’s also why I really don’t want to share my new home with those pesky felines. Cats are cool and all, but I sometimes don’t know what they want. Like, should I chase you, should I not chase you? They drive me bonkers! Anyway, instead of chasing cats I would much prefer to chase a squeaky ball. I loooove things that squeak, and I love to show off my awesome fetching skills as often as I can. I’m really smart! Seriously, ask anyone at AWS. I can sit, stand, shake, retrieve, and I even know how to release my toys on command, so you know I’m gentle. And guess what?? As a snack here and there, I love to munch on cauliflower and Cheerios! Yummy!

I mean, I like to think of myself as a pretty well-rounded dog. I like to chase and play and snack and chew and generally be adorable all the time (comes with the job!) But at the end of the day, I really just want to be your best friend forever, your go-to guy, your favorite hiking partner and confidant. I can be so many things! And speaking of which, I would also really like to be your one and only. It’s not that I don’t like other dogs, I just need a lot of praise and one-on-one attention for me to shine my brightest. However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy going to the beach or dog park where I can romp around with the other puppies. I am quite social! But at the end of the day when it’s time to go home, I think just you and me is all I would need. I mean, doesn’t that sound nice? I think it does! Gosh, I’m so excited now to find my perfect family! I hope it’s soon. I really do. We still have two months of winter and I’m ready to play in the snow and go for long car rides and snuggle up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate. Well, not for me, but I would love to smell the air while you drink it! So ,what do you think?? Do you wanna come meet me? I hope so because I’m pumped to make a love connection and have that special bond with my very own human. They don’t call us man’s best friend for nothing!


January 4, 2021: Juno and Me Talk FIV

Hello everybody and happy New Year! My name is Luna and that black beauty with the bright, yellow eyes next to me is my bonded soul sister Juno. We’re both still pretty young and looking to be adopted together because we’ve literally been side by side since birth! It’s been a roller coaster of a ride for us in the short six months that we’ve been alive but now that we’re both safe and sound at AWS, we couldn’t be more excited to start the next chapter of our lives. In fact, we’re so ready to meet our new family that we agreed to chat with you all today even though we’re both still a bit shy and reserved. I’ll admit that I can be a bit of a scaredy cat now and again and my sister Juno can be quite the hider, but I promise that deep down we both really want a home to call our own. I guess you could say we both just need some time to warm up to you humans but once we do, we looove to get head and chin scratches (and I won’t say no to a nice cheesy treat!) We’re both sweet and loving and with a little time and patience, I know we can be friends. It’ll just require the perfect people to understand and take care of us!

And speaking of our care, my sister Juno has agreed to do a little interview with me today to teach you all about her special condition. You see, Juno here was diagnosed with feline immunodeficiency virus, or FIV for short, and requires a little bit of extra care upon her adoption. Her diagnosis was a little scary at first because I always want my sister to be comfortable and happy, but after learning all about it from the nice folks here at AWS, we both feel so much better! Juno, are you ready sis?

You bet Luna. Take it away!

Perfect! I’ll start with the basics. What exactly is FIV?

Feline immunodeficiency virus, or FIV for short, is a virus that attacks the immune system of cats like me and leaves us more vulnerable to other infections or illnesses. However, the good news is that the virus is slow moving and most infected cats live long and happy lives. That’s wonderful for me!

 And where can FIV cats be found?

FIV-infected cats are found worldwide, but here in the US we make up approximately 1.5-3% of the feline population. It’s nice to know that there are other cats like me who are living healthy and happy lives!

 How does the virus spread little sister?

FIV is mainly spread through bite wounds and, in rare instances, through a mother cat to her kittens. Casual and non-aggressive contact between cats does not seem to be a factor in transmitting the virus. This is good news for both of us because I love to snuggle and play with you!

 So does this mean FIV+ cats and non-infected cats can live together?

 Yes! FIV+ kitties like me can be housed with other FIV+ cats no problem, but it is also possible to house us with cats not infected with the virus so long as we are respectful of each other and there is no aggression or fighting. Now I might get upset that you steal my favorite spot of the bed now and again, but I for one would never be aggressive with you or any cat!

 Neither would I sister! Now, can FIV be spread to our human friends?

Nope! FIV is a species-specific virus that cannot be spread from felines to humans. So, there’s no reason to worry about our new family!

 That’s good to hear! Okay, last question. Is there a cure for FIV?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for FIV-infected cats like me but there are management and treatment options. Feeding us a healthy diet, taking us for regular vet check-ups and keeping us as indoor-only cats can really help us live a long and happy life. I know I’m willing to put in the work with our new family for sure!

 Well, there you have it! I’m so proud of my sister for speaking up for herself. Like I said, we can both be a bit shy but we agreed that it was important to put ourselves out there so we can find our new, happy home as quickly as possible. The new year brings new hope for us both and I just know that our future is bright. Want to shine with us? Please give our friends at AWS a call so you can come meet us. We’re ready to be part of a family forever!


December 29, 2020: Gerbil Fun in a Nutshell

Hello friends! It’s AWS’ gerbil gang again! We thought it was time to give you an update on how we are doing. First off, you may remember when we arrived at AWS there were 27 of us. Great news – 14 of us have been adopted! The 13 of us who remain are hoping for new homes for the new year, we hear that’s coming up very soon! In the meantime, the staff at AWS take good care of us – they make sure we have fresh bedding, clean habitats, nutritious food and yummy snacks each and every day! And what do we do all day? We play, we eat, we run, we visit with our friends, we explore, we nap, we live the good gerbil life. In fact, here is 26 seconds in the day in the life of a gerbil. Enjoy!

And remember, call AWS to make an adoption appointment We love to be with our gerbil brothers or sisters, so we will need to go home in groups, like bonded trio Denali, Kilimanjaro and Everest. They are a mountain of fun! Or Super Smash brothers Wario and Mario, always an entertaining duo! So call today to bring some gerbil fun into your heart and home! Thank you and have a great day!




December 23, 2020: Jazzed for Christmas!

Hi everybody! You know Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. But do you recall, the most JAZZED reindeer of all?? I’ll give you a hint… it’s me! My name is Jazz and I’m so excited to meet you! Christmas is right around the corner and I’m feeling the holiday spirit everywhere here at AWS. I happen to love Christmas so I’m right in my element! For the past 10 years I’ve spent the holiday at home so this year might look a little different for me being here at AWS and everything. However, word on the street is that Christmas might look a little different for everyone so I say we just celebrate what we can and spread a little love and joy!

As for me, I know I’ve been a good boy and I’m willing to bet that Santa Paws has me on his nice list. I might be 11 but I’m young at heart and still have that Christmas magic in my mind. Plus, I don’t want a lot this year, just a home to call my own. I want a family to love and a couch to sleep on. Perhaps a fireplace where I can warm up and a yard that I can frolic in. Yes, frolic. I love to run around and feel that fresh air on my fur! Like I said, I’m young at heart. Perhaps Santa will even let me ride in his sleigh!! After all, I absolutely love the car rides, especially if the windows are down. And since Santa’s sleigh is all open windows I bet that would be a blast! Of course, I understand if he says no… it’s a safety thing. But a nice, long car ride with you would be just as wonderful. I love going places! 

Of course, I hope to be in my new home for the holiday because Christmas is really all about family. Treats and toys are nice (especially if they squeak!) but nothing compares to  being with your loved ones. I’ve been around the block a time for two and know how important it is to never lose sight of that! Luckily for me, I’m pretty easy-going and would do well in almost any household. I just like everybody… even those frisky felines! Heck, even the mailman is my friend. I guess you could say I’m jolly and bright and full of delight! I just know that my special family is out there somewhere and regardless of when I go home, it’s going to be amazing. Christmas is the time of miracles and good fortune, peace on Earth and all around good feelings. And since I’m the most jazzed reindeer of all and ready to take a ride in Santa’s sled, I just hope he drops me off under the tree of my perfect family!

Merry Christmas everybody! This is Jazz saying no matter where you are or who you’re with, the holiday is what you make it! Now where did I put my red, light-up nose…