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September 9, 2021: A Lesson From Luke on FeLV- ADOPTED

Hi there, friends! My name is Luke Skywalker and what an honor it is to meet you! I might have a famous name associated with a famous, fictional Jedi, but I want to talk to you all about something a little more grounded and real in my life. You see, I have Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), which is a retrovirus that invades my cells and causes me to have a weaker immune system. I think that this fact makes some people a little nervous around me. I understand, of course, but I promise that I’m not contagious to humans or other non-feline friends. I’m actually quite social and love to be loved, so I would hate to miss out on my perfect family just because of the stigmas associated with my condition. So, as a way of clearing the air and to update folks on some misunderstandings about FeLV+ cats like me, I thought I would take my whiskers to the internet and put my paws on the keys to write to you all today!

First and foremost, an FeLV+ cat is just a cat like any other. We like to play with feathers and string, watch the birds fly by out the window, find a sunny spot to nap in, and snuggle with our humans on the couch. I, for one, love to sunbathe and watch a little cat TV! Because of our disease, however, we just require a little extra love and care. Some key points to remember are that FeLV-infected cats like me should live in clean, indoor environments only. Because of our weaker immune systems, we’re more susceptible to outdoor illnesses and infections and would be much safer living indoors. We should also be the only cat living in the home. There’s no worry, however, about other pets you might have in your life. Feline Leukemia cannot be passed to any other species, including you humans!

Another important thing to note is that FeLV+ cats like me require a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet. Wet food is definitely preferred because it has a higher water content, and it just tastes so darn good! Keeping us happy and healthy is a great way to ensure we live full, content lives. And speaking of healthy… this brings me to my last point: all FeLV+ cats should get routine vet care to help keep any potential illnesses at bay. I would say only one vet check a year would be good!

I know this might all sound a little scary, but I promise that it’s not that bad. Contrary to popular belief, FeLV+ cats like me can live full, happy and healthy lives! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of humans like you, we have so much more information on my illness and how to manage it in kitties like me. For example, I never knew that there were three different forms of Feline Leukemia. Isn’t that crazy? There’s progressive, regressive, and abortive. I have regressive FeLV which means I have lower levels of proviral DNA in my blood cells and, therefore, lower amounts of the FeLV p27 antigen in circulation throughout my body. I know there are a lot of confusing words in there, but all that really means is that I have a much lower risk of infecting other cats or getting sick from an FeLV-associated disease. It also means that I have a good chance of living a long and healthy life since my form of FeLV will never turn into the progressive form. So, that’s definitely good news for me! I do, however, have one side effect from my FeLV and that’s a condition called stomatitis. Basically, stomatitis is when my body, specifically my gums, attack my teeth for no apparent reason. It can be easily solved by removing my teeth, so I guess I’m going toothless! I don’t mind at all, though. It’s a small price to pay to know I’m going to be healthy and happy. Plus, that wet food will still taste just as sweet!

I guess what I really want you guys to take away from all this is that FeLV+ cats and their people can still live happily, harmoniously, and healthily together! We Leukemia kitties all have our own personalities and quirks, and we long for families and warm laps just like other cats. Of course, all circumstances are different and no two cats handle illnesses the same but, overall, we’re just looking to be loved and cared for no matter how long are lives are. Life is all about enjoying the time you’re given, and I plan on doing just that. I still have so much I want to see and do! Together, you and I could conquer the stigmas around Feline Leukemia and show the world that love is stronger than anything. It just takes a leap of faith and little knowledge from a cat named Luke. May the force be with you!


August 23, 2021: A Haven for Haivyn- ADOPTED

Hi there, friends. My name is Haivyn and it’s such a pleasure to meet you! I know that these meet-and-greets usually happen in person, but for me I’m just happy to get my face out there for you all. You see, I’m rather shy and sometimes it’s hard for me to make new friends. Through a screen, however, I can still make you smile with my cute face, and you can learn a little more about me. I think it’s a win-win!

Here at AWS, I’ve been getting all kinds of special attention from solo walks, to late-night munchies, to individual cuddles from some of my favorite staff. I’ll be the first to admit… I’m quite spoiled! I am also, however, quite the introvert and I tend to like things a certain way. I have anxieties about other animals and fast-moving children and new people who I haven’t learned to trust yet. I promise I’m working on my insecurities, but you know how it goes. I’m just a small pup in a very big world after all! Once I warm up to you, though, I am such a special girl!

Let’s see, what do I like? Well, I know I like cuddling on the couch, long walks through the woods, and being spoiled by a family who loves me. Of course, I would spoil them in return with endless love and loyalty because at the end of the day, what I really like is family. I just want a little haven to call my own where I can be your one and only love and we can share popcorn together on a Saturday night while cuddled under a blanket. I hear autumn is coming soon and I can just picture the two of us walking along a dirt path at sunset while colorful leaves fall around us, and we both can’t wait to warm up at home with some hot cider and couch snuggles as the sky turns to a blanket of stars. Yeah, that’s what my haven is. I hope it’s yours, too, and that we can find our perfect little slice of happily ever after together.


August 16, 2021: Ladybug, the Love Bug

My Name is Ladybug, I really should be called Love Bug. I am a super loving cat, who would turn inside out for petting. In fact I like my belly rubbed as well and will roll over to have it rubbed. I like to be with my people, and won’t hide for very long. Just call me and I come out eventually. I like everyone I meet, and will let anyone pet me. I will follow you wherever you go in hopes to get any and all attention possible. Did I mention I’m a Love Bug?

My favorite things are stick toys with lots of feathers, and I can be tricked by a laser light sometimes as well. I do have a scratching post and use it all the time. So it would be good to have one around for me to use. I’m not much of a jumper, but I can find my way onto the couch or bed. I like beds, couches and chairs as long as they are soft, I’ve tried a regular chair, and didn’t like it much. I’m just now starting to sit in my foster mom’s lap, and will probably continue to enjoy it. It will just take me time to get used to a new lap. She is getting me used to the brush, even though I’m short haired, I do shed. I love it when my cheeks get brushed. That is the one spot I can’t ever get enough scratching in.

The one thing I’m good at is eating. See, I like food, and I could eat all day long if you let me. My foster mom has not fallen for my pitiful cries, nor my super cuteness when I think I’m hungry. I am only fed twice a day, and that, I have finally come to understand and except. So please don’t feed me treats or extras, and no human food, as I will get back into my bad habits of overeating, and gain back all the weight I have lost (you can read more about my weight loss journey in my profile).

Oh and one more thing, I want to be the only cat. I don’t like any other cats, and I’ve met a few. My foster mom has tried to introduce me to others, but I am happy and content by myself. She would have had a failed adoption by now if I liked other cats. She loves me so much, but knows I deserve true happiness in a home of my very own, that I don’t have to share with others.

Feel free to come visit, as I have a suite all to myself, and we can get to know each other. I promise you will fall in love at first visit. Email the AWS foster team to get started making your appointment to meet me!

August 12, 2021: Forever and Ever with CJ – ADOPTED

Hi guys! My name is CJ and it’s so wonderful to make your acquaintance! I’m
pretty pumped to be able to chat with you all today because… well… I’ll be
honest… I’m ALWAYS pumped! I’m only a year old and I still have a lot of my
puppy energy so I hope that my new family really likes to play, hike and run!
Speaking of which, I’m a true adventurer at heart. I love Maine and all of its
wonderful wilderness and beaches. I could climb rocks and chase seagulls all day!

Luckily here at AWS, there are many trails and paths that I get to walk through
every day and explore and it really keeps my mind sharp. I like to play detective
and pretend that squirrels are stealing all my treats and so I have to hunt them
down and bring them to justice! (But don’t worry… I’ve never actually caught one. It’s just fun to pretend!)

Anyway, I’m such a fun guy and I really hope that my perfect people read this and
come snatch me up. I’m looking for a lifetime of love and memories! My ideal
home will have no kids or cats though because, honestly, I’m a bit too much for
those little guys. I wouldn’t want to knock anyone over or chase anyone up a tree!
I do, however, love other dogs and I could totally see myself playing with a new
canine brother or sister. Do you have one for me? I would love for someone to
show me the ropes! Boy or boy I can’t wait to get adopted and start the rest of
my life with you by my side. I promise we’ll be the best of friends forever and
ever… and ever (just for good measure!)


August 9, 2021: The Best Things in Life are Worth Waiting For- ADOPTED

Hi there, folks! My name is Rocky and that sweet little black-and-white love next to me is my sister, Ruby. We’re really excited to be chatting with you guys today because as it turns out, we need a new home and a new family love.

Yes, brother, that’s right. You see, our previous owner had to enter a nursing home and while we still love and miss them very much, it’s time for us to start a new chapter in our lives. We can’t wait to make memories and connections with our new family!

I think it’s going to be a blast for sure, Ruby. I might be an older gentleman at nine years, but that hasn’t stopped me from having fun! I love to explore the beach and the docks and to hang out with my people. Oh, and of course I love to play with you too, little sister. Sure, my favorite activity is still sleeping but the second you say we’re going for a ride I’m there!

You said it Rocky! I also love to explore. I know I’m a little younger than you at the lovely middle age of six, but I still have to keep up with you sometimes! The ocean is my favorite place to be, and I love the way the salty air smells and feels. Honestly, though, I would go anywhere with you brother. I just love being by your side! We’ve been together for my whole life and I don’t want to stop now.

Don’t worry sis, we’re going to get adopted together and our new family will be wonderful. I just know it! Thanks to the nice folks here at Old Dogs New Digs, we’re getting the best treatment around and with their help and the help of our friends at AWS, we’re going to make the perfect match for someone special out there. After all, we get along well with everyone and everything. We’re super laidback!

Oh, I’m so excited! I’m glad we have such a strong team of people working for us and helping us through this transition. It’s been such a joy getting to spend our days napping, exploring, and snuggling with our foster friends, but I think now is really the time to find our family. I can’t wait until we get our happily after!

Me either, sis. We’re meant to be a part of someone’s story, we just have to be patient and wait for them to find us here. As I always say, the best things in life are worth waiting for!

You always have the best advice, Rocky. I’m glad we have each other


July 22, 2021: Someone Special for Quinley- ADOPTED

Hi there, folks. My name is Quinley! It’s a real pleasure to meet you, even if it’s not face to face. An older gal like me doesn’t always stay up to date on the latest social media trends and sometimes it’s hard to click the keyboard with claws, but I’ll get by. I’m just excited to be able to get my face out there and possibly meet my future family! Wouldn’t it be so special if we were meeting for the first time right now as you read this, but neither of us know it yet? What a cool story to think back on when we’re one day snuggled up together in warm blankets. Such a happy thought!

Well, I suppose I should tell you a little about myself so if you are interested in adopting me, we can be the perfect match! I’m what people around here at AWS have been calling a Golden Oldie, a cute nickname for us older pets who have reached those magical golden years in our life where all we want is a nice, quiet home and someone to love us. And at 16, I’m quite ready for the retired life! It’s true that I’m not as playful as I once was or as adventurous, but I have years of wisdom under my whiskers and a whole lot of love. I’m actually quite humble and grateful for my good fortune of being brought to AWS. You see, I was once a stray making my way through the streets and begging for handouts. However, I was finally picked up by a nice lady who brought me here and gave me the good life! I’ve been rather spoiled since arriving, but I’ve always kept my generous heart and good spirit. Now all I need is a family to call my very own!

I can’t wait to be adopted because I want to prove to my people that older cats still have a lot of life in them. I’ll be the perfect companion for someone out there because I’m relaxed, soft-spoken, friendly and I love to snuggle! Plus, I get along well with my other feline friends and those silly dogs. I’m just looking to be a part of something special and I hope it can be with you and your family. Opening your home to a senior like me might not change your world, but it sure will change mine. I hope to see you soon my friend!