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Welcome to AWS’ blog – written by the pets at AWS!

Whether it’s a dog who likes to blog, a cat that enjoys a chat, a bird who shares the word or the occasional funny bunny, you’ll love hearing from the animals directly. The pets featured in this blog are all looking for new homes. Check back regularly because our pets have a lot to say!

January 29, 2020

“What a lovely thing a rose is!”

The human author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle may be on to something here, for I truly am a lovely girl. Hello there, my name is Rosie and I’m one of what the staff here at AWS calls a “golden girl.” You might recognize me from the page? If not that’s quite alright for unlike my fellow feline Meghan, I tend to hang back and not enjoy as much of the limelight. It’s not that I’m antisocial or afraid, I just prefer calm, quiet environments where I can just relax, take a cat nap or two and enjoy the sunshine on my fur. Like my namesake, I am beautiful to look at and quite elegant and lovely. However, I know I can also be a bit thorny. I’m not trying to be mean you see, I’m just an older gal who knows what she wants and if I become uncomfortable or scared, I have no problem letting you know. It’s just my thorns protecting me.

But let me tell you, when I’m in my element I’m a truly delightful companion. I would love nothing more than to find a likeminded individual or two who can provide me with all the space I need to sleep and relax. I’m not demanding or up-in-your-face and would be happiest watching you go about your day as you fold laundry, watch Netflix or cook us both some dinner. I have a lot of love left in me and can’t wait to share it all with my new family. The humans here say I’m like a rose to be admired in the garden and if you let me bloom to my fullest, I can show you just how beautiful and wonderful I am.

“…and so I say again that we have much to hope from the flowers.”

January 24, 2020

Hi, I’m Autumn and I am ready to be the light of your life! I’m a sweet, easy-going, mature gal who is ready to move right into your heart and home. I came to AWS from Georgia and I’m getting used to the cold temperatures here and think snuggling is just the best. I’m envisioning my new home full of cozy blankets, warm beds and snuggly people. Watching TV, sitting in front of the fire, enjoying an evening together – wouldn’t that be grand! I so enjoy being around people that I would like to be your one and only pet. My friends at AWS tell me I’ve very well-behaved and I think you’ll agree!

So if you’re ready to add sweetness, joy and love to your home, come and meet me! I’m your gal!

January 20, 2020

Put your paws together for me, Meghan! I can’t believe it’s been over two weeks since I last have written to my adoring fans. You must all be so anxious to hear what I’ve been up to. Well, since we last spoke I have been working hard running my kingdom here at AWS where the humans have all taken well to treating me like the queen I am! There have been a lot of drawers filled with paperwork that I have helped disorganize and some laundry that needed cat fur on it and lots of catnip that was just lying around on shelves waiting to be munched on so yeah, I’ve been really busy around here. And of course, my special needs have been attended to which, if you don’ know, is just part of my regular routine. Having diabetes might seem like it would set me back but I don’t have time to even think about it because this place needs me to stay on track!
But speaking of feline diabetes, it’s very similar to that of human diabetes. My body cannot produce enough insulin to balance my blood sugar levels and for this, I require insulin shots twice a day to help. But I promise you, it’s no big deal and I kinda like the attention that I receive when getting the shots. I know that I work hard and get stuff done but at the end of the day, I’m a pretty laid-back lady who would love nothing more than to find my new home with someone who’s like me. So if your casual and laid-back or maybe a senior sister or perhaps a fellow diabetic, I bet we’d be purrrfect companions. Come say hi!

January 17, 2020

Hi, I’m Pinky!
And my name’s Flash.
We’re an adorable doggy duo who happened to be attached at the hip because, believe it or not, Flash is my dog-dad!
I know what you’re thinking– I look like I could be her brother! But in reality, we’re just a father-daughter family who would love nothing more than to find a happy home to call our own.
Truth is, my daddy is visually impaired and can’t see as well as he used to. So, being the good daughter that I am, I help him navigate the world around him which I think builds his confidence and helps him be at ease. (But don’t tell him I said that!)
Arriving at AWS has been quite the whirlwind. We’ve both loved learning all about how to be indoor dogs as, in our previous lives, we were outdoors all the time. It sure is nice to curl up on soft beds and snuggle under warm blankets! I sure do love to snuggle.
And speaking of indoor-living, I personally have loved all the new things that come with the lifestyle. Chairs? Tables? Benches? Shoes? Who knew the inside world was so fascinating? My dad and I love to experience it all! Okay so sometimes we experience it with our mouths which I guess is a big no-no. But hey, we’re learning quick and we’ve come such a long way! Would you help us in continuing our education on indoor-living?
I’m so happy that our friends here at AWS have allowed us to stick together through this whole process because it’s been quite a journey. Won’t you help us in continuing that journey by welcoming us into your home? I promise we’re extra special and extra snuggly.
You said it dad! We’re already family and we just can’t wait to extend that family to include you!

January 14, 2020

Hello there! My name is Precious and no, I am not a bowling ball. I know I may look like one with my rather round physique and black fur but trust me, no bowling ball could ever be as sweet and cuddly as I am! In fact, one of my favorite past times is rolling around on the floor while you humans lavish me with attention. I guess my shape is just built for it! I really have been enjoying my time here at AWS but as an older gal who honestly should be perched on top of a velvet pillow being fed fresh-caught salmon and watching reruns of Gilmore Girls, I think it’s about time for my new family to come and find me!

Okay so I really don’t need a velvet pillow or wild salmon to make me happy, but you can’t blame a girl for trying! No, all I really want is a nice lap to curl up on or perhaps a sunny spot to warm my soft fur. I prefer quiet places with little traffic and people who understand that I like the calm and the serenity of being with my thoughts. And hey, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of other felines or those drooly dogs, but I am a super fan of my people and the mutual love that we can share!

So what do you think? Wanna give me chance? I promise to be the squatest, snuggliest little kitty you’ll ever meet!

January 11, 2020

Hi, I’m Malia, and I’m new to Maine. I came from Puerto Rico, where, I can tell you, it was much warmer! I am a young girl with plenty of love and energy to share with my new people. For the last five months, I lived with my amazing and awesome foster family as I recovered from a pesky illness. My foster family treated me like royalty! I even slept in my foster mom’s bed every night! Her love and attention helped me recover from being ill, and I am forever grateful to her. After I was better, things were grand – my foster mom was talking about how I was going to leave her house to find a forever home of my own, and while I knew I would miss her, I was excited for the next chapter in my life!

Then came the earthquakes in Puerto Rico. Whoa! The ground shook and it was quite scary! My foster mom’s friends at AWS and her worked together to get me and some of my friends off the island right away, so they could help some of the pets displaced from the hurricane. So off to the airport I went with a quick goodbye and lots of hugs and kisses from my foster family. What would my new life be like, I kept thinking? I didn’t mind the plane ride too much – it wasn’t very long. In the blink of an eye, my foster sister Samena, the other Satos who traveled with us and I were in Maine. I like it here, my new friends at AWS take such good care of me, and I can’t wait to find my new family. I I do have to say one thing – what’s up with that cold white stuff on the ground? Maine is a very special place and I look forward to experiencing it with my new family. I do hope there will be some warm Puerto Rico-like weather at some point

I am ready for adoption Sunday, January 12, and I can’t wait to meet my new family!

January 6, 2020

Hi there friends! I’m Linda, the sweetest and snuggliest little Sato you’ll ever meet! I’m so happy to be here in the beautiful state of Maine where I have traveled all the way from Puerto Rico to in search of my new home. Since you humans speak a language called Spanish over there, I was given the name of Linda which, when translated into another human language called English, means ‘pretty.’ All I know is that no matter how you say it, I really am beautiful! Just look at those spots in my ears and my wide, starry-eyed grin. I can’t stop smiling! I hope my new family finds me soon because ever since arriving at AWS I’ve had all these feelings of love and loyalty and companionship and no one to give them to! And trust me, I’m a girl who gives her whole heart into everything I do so if you choose to love me, I will return the favor tenfold! Speaking of which, I really do love you humans so much. I love the way you give ear scratches and head pats and how you always throw the ball again no matter how many times I bring it back. I guess I just sometimes don’t enjoy the company of other dogs. Don’t get me wrong! I mean, we canines have to stick together and if I find a dog who suites me well and seems to like what I like, then we will become fast friends. But I will admit it might take me a while to warm up. I guess I’m what you would call more of a “people-dog” than a “dog-dog.” But hey, don’t let that get you down because I want nothing more than to make you happy and if we can be happy together then that would really, well… make me happy!

January 3, 2020

Hello everyone. My name is Meghan and I am the resident queen here at AWS as well as one of their Golden Girls. You might recognize me from some AWS promotions as I was the hostess for #teamcat during Giving Tuesday as well as the face for my other feline seniors. I guess you could say people just can’t get enough of me! It is for this reason that I’m truly shocked that my new family hasn’t found me yet. I mean, I’m only nine-years young and I look super good for my age. Perhaps people are thrown off by the fact that I have feline diabetes. Well, let’s get serious here for a minute. Diabetes in cats is quite similar to diabetes in humans (or so I’ve been told. Honestly, you humans are a mystery to me sometimes.) My body cannot produce enough insulin to balance my blood sugar levels and for this, I require insulin shots twice a day to help. However, these shots and the vet visits are just part of my routine and I’m so accustomed to doing them that they really don’t bother me at all. I’m a pretty laid-back lady. I know it can sound scary but as long as I get my medication and a whole lot of love, I am just like your average cat. And speaking of cats, I would prefer to be the only one in your household because, let’s face it, I’m pretty glamorous and another cat would just get in the way of Meghan time. So what do you think? Perhaps you’re a lovely, senior lady like myself who would want the company of a mellow kitty? Or maybe you’re a fellow diabetic who understands my special ways and is looking for a new feline friend? Either way, I would love to find my new family soon as I have been with AWS for quite some time and am ready to share the love. I hope 2020 will be the year of Meghan!

December 31, 2019

Oh my gosh hello! My name is Harley and oh boy am I excited to be writing the blog today. It’s snowy and cold and mushy outside but I really don’t mind it at all. I love being outside because I was so used to being an “inside dog” in my old home that every new experience and adventure is super exciting for me. Maybe a little too exciting? The humans here at AWS tell me that I have a lot of learning to do on manners and social cues and things like that, and I suppose I understand what they’re talking about. It’s just, with such a wide, wonderful world out there can you really blame a guy? The good news is that I’m super smart and willing to learn from my new family if they’re willing to be good teachers to me. Now I just have to make it my mission to find my new family so I can start proving to them what a good boy I am. The AWS people tell me I need an owner who’s experienced and patient and ready to put in the time for me. To that I say no problem because once y’all meet me you’ll know that I’m totally worth the effort! I mean, just look at my face right? (Do I also need a lesson on how to be humble…NAH!) Anyway, I hope whoever reads this knows that I really am a special boy and while I might need a more quiet home with no kids or other dogs or stuff like that, I really am a people-pleaser. I would looove to curl up by your side while you watch that weird, flashy box or perhaps at your feet while you read your strange, crinkly paper. So c’mon, don’t you want to ring in the new year by adopting a cool guy like me? I can just imagine the wonderful adventures we’ll take together in 2020!

December 27, 2019

Hello faithful followers and friends of AWS. My name is Minnow and I thought I would take this opportunity to write to you all since I spend most of my time curled up on an office desk anyway. You might recognize my beautiful face from social media or perhaps the Golden Girls page on the AWS’ website where I have been featured for quite some time. While I love it here at AWS and get plenty of one-on-one attention, I must say that I truly am shocked that my new family hasn’t found me yet. I mean, I might be getting up there in age but you know how the saying goes… things only improve with time! Plus, my coat is still silky soft, I still love to snuggle and purr, and I find joy in so many things (bird watching, head scratches, yummy treats…) Bust mostly, I just want to love and be loved. I’m a very easygoing companion and as long as I can be where you are, I’m perfectly content to curl up on a chair or table and just watch you go about your day. In fact, I’m such a friendly little feline that the marketing team here at AWS has taken quite a liking to me. I help them with their daily work by purring soothing songs and keeping an eye on those pesky squirrels outside. They keep telling me that I would make a wonderful new addition to a quiet household or perhaps as a companion to a senior like myself. Either way, I just can’t wait to find my perfect, happy home. Could it possibly be with you? I hope so!

December 23, 2019

Hello there. This is Timmy coming at you from the AWS adoption center where I am currently awaiting my new family. In the past, I was more of what you would call an “outside dog” and so to be inside right now, pawing away at this computer in a warm office room is quite the change for me. But I gotta tell ya… I love it! Having spent most of my past life in a barn or running around outside in my fenced in yard, it warms my heart (literally!) to know that I can be in with my people all comfy and cozy. Only, I haven’t found my people quite yet. I know they’re out there and they’re ready to adopt a cool guy like me, we just haven’t been connected yet. The humans here at AWS tell me that the internet is great for connecting and bringing pets and their people together, so here I am the day before Christmas Eve hoping that my woofs and my words will be heard! Am I doing it right? Has my new family read my blog and are ready to adopt me now? I suppose only time will tell. I’m sure Santa will work some magic as well. After all, I’ve been a very good boy this year and all I asked for was a warm and happy home to call my own!

DECEMBER 20, 2019

Hello! My name is Lady and, coincidentally, I’m speaking out to all you other ladies out there. Where are my gal pals at? I am currently looking for a lovely lass (or two!) to be my new mommy and I hope they come and find me soon. I would absolutely love to be in my new home before the holiday is over so that my new mom and I can enjoy some quality time beside the fire or perhaps just hanging on the bed watching Netflix. I know there are plenty of women out there who would love a dog like me because I’m caring and playful and super good at playing fetch. You got a frisbee? A ball? A stick? I’ll totally get that for you! I really am the whole package.

So what do I have against men you might ask? Well, nothing personally. I just find them too intimidating sometimes. But I’m super excited to be at AWS looking for my new favorite gal pal and contributing to their blog!  Are you the lady (or ladies) for this Lady? Come and see me soon please!

DECEMBER 17, 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to the newest blog post from the fuzziest of friends here at AWS, Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick! We know what you must be thinking; what are three handsome bunnies like ourselves doing writing a blog instead of out working the crowd with our amazing talents? Well, let us tell ya! It’s been an amazing career for sure but we three have since retired from our careers as rabbit radio stars and have found our way to AWS where we now are looking forward to finding our new home. Every day is an adventure and we hope that some day soon (maybe before Christmas??) we can be the perfect pets for you! 

Let us tell you a little about ourselves. First and foremost, we love cardboard. It’s such a simple thing really, but we love it. We love to munch on it, sleep on it, play with it… you name it! Also, we’re suuuper soft. Like, REALLY soft. We ain’t lying. One snuggle with us and you’ll be in love. And speaking of snuggling, we really do like to be social. We were super stars after all. We’re playful and smart and ready to be doted upon. And in return, we promise to give lots of love and warm many laps. 

Check back in soon to see what we and our other furry friends have been up to. It’s not every day that rabbits get handed a computer and asked to type something so I’m sure you’ll be ready for more. That is… unless we get adopted! You never know what Santa has up his sleeve! 


DECEMBER 12, 2019

Hi there! I’m Panda, the fluffiest pupper you’ll ever know! I’m getting very excited for Christmas. Do you think I’ll be in my new home before the holidays? I sure hope so! It’ll be so fun to be romping in the snow in my very own backyard, then coming inside to warm up next to my people – maybe in front of the tree, maybe in front of the fireplace, or maybe on the couch. I’m happy wherever my people are!

Here at AWS, I’m “behind the scenes,” so when you come into the Adoption Center, please tell the staff you’d like to meet me, and they will arrange for us to spend some quality time together. I can’t wait to meet you and wish you a Happy Holidays!


NOVEMBER 22, 2019

Hi guys, it’s your favorite fashionista blogger, Sweet Pea, though now I go by Basil. I got adopted last weekend and my mom is the best thing ever! She is exactly what I needed and I am exactly what she needed! I knew she was the one right away and I immediately showed her my wonderful, snuggly, loving personality! It’s true what they say – it was love at first sight! We love to be together, whether it’s at home or at her office. I come to work with her every day and I help her out by hanging out under her desk. My mom says I’m a true joy to be around, and I’ll say that she’s a true joy to be around too. I’m so glad AWS gave me a safe place to stay when I needed it and helped me and my mom find each other!

NOVEMBER 16, 2019

Hello world, it’s Sweet Pea! What do you think? Don’t the lovely pastels in this sweater bring out my beautiful blue eyes? I’m getting ready to take a walk with one of my AWS friends which I look forward to every day. The staff and volunteers take such good care of me and always have time to say hello, take me for walks and spend time with me. They also give me lots of treats! In addition to the love, yummy food and awesome new friends, AWS has lots of sweaters! So your favorite fashionista can be stylish as well as well cared for. Check back in soon to see what I’ll be wearing next 🌸

NOVEMBER 14, 2019

Hi there, I’m Sweet Pea, your new favorite fashionista! I’m excited to have a chance to dog blog while I’m here at AWS!

Geez, it’s cold outside! A girl’s gotta stay warm now that it’s winter in Maine. That’s why I’m so glad to have this cozy – and stylish – sweater on today. The reason I chose this particular sweater is because Christmas is my favorite holiday! Did you know it is only 41 days from now?! Wow! It’ll be here before we know it! I hope I will be in my new home by then. Christmas will be lovely with my new people – snuggling together in front of the fireplace, opening up my stocking to find lots of treats, watching the lights twinkle in the tree. I can’t wait to find a new home where we can be a family enjoying the holidays today! Stop by AWS and start the holidays early – by adopting ME!