Acorn 02/03

Meet Acorn, a 1-year old Pit Bull Mix. Acorn is an active, energetic boy who can’t help but be happy and loving, even if he is a little in your face about it. He is very social and outgoing, though he will need help polishing his manners and obedience skills. Because of this, we will be requiring he attend the obedience course we offer at the shelter. His adopter will pay for the course at the time of his adoption, then after Acorn has completed the 6-week course, the class fee will be refunded. He would be happy to share a new home with other dogs, dog savvy cats, and rugged children who can handle his energetic nature. If Acorn sounds like the one for you, then stop on by the shelter today to meet him.


Pet Info:

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Breed: Pit Bull Mix

Age: 1 years