Angel 09/11

Meet Angel, an 18-year old Green Winged Macaw. Angel is a big, beautiful bird who tends to follow her mouth like Beagles follow their noses.  While Angel does enjoy being able to waddle around a room on her own, it should definitely be a bird-proofed room. She just enjoys nibbling on people’s shoes a bit too much, and nibbling on towels, and cardboard, and brooms, and…I think you get the idea. She is not hand-tamed, but once she gets to know a person she does enjoy hanging around them and letting them pet her. Sit on the floor and she may even sit on your leg too. Angel would very much appreciate a large cage to live in with lots of toys and branches and other things to keep her busy. Her adoption fee is $300, toys and cage not included. It would be best if interested adopters had prior experience with Macaws.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $300

Sex: Female

Breed: Green Winged Macaw

Age: 18 years

Spending time with Jen, our Transport Manager