Athena – Adopted 08/29

Athena is in foster care. Call us at (207) 985-3244 to make an appointment to meet her.

Athena is a sweet, goofy companion who loves to be pet and brushed — so long as it’s on her terms, of course.  She has very strong rules on where she should be touched and how she should be handled, but so long as you abide by them, she will happily stretch out by your side, greet you with chirps and mrrps, and follow you from room to room.  This is a cat who loves to be a companion.  She wants to be with you, in your space.  Not cuddling per se, but once she accepts you she’ll never be that far.

She’s a pretty, silly thing, and so long as her rules are respected, everything is right with the world.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $75

Sex: Female

Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Age: 5 years