Bella 01/04

Meet Bella, a 2-year old Blue Tick Coon Hound. Bella is the type of dog who enjoys being active for as long, and as frequently, as possible. She is certainly not a couch potato. This is partly due to her breed, but is also because she just enjoys having fun. Getting regular walks and lots of playtime in a new home would be heaven for Bella. She would be happy to share a new home with other respectful dogs and older children, but she would prefer not to live with cats or small animals. If you think Bella might be the one for you, it would be a good idea to do a little research about her breed, then stop on by the shelter to meet her.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $255

Sex: Female

Breed: Blue Tick Coon Hound

Age: 2 years

Obedience Student

The Animal Welfare Society is fortunate to have volunteers who take adoptable dogs through the obedience classes.  They also spend quality time, playing with, walking, and running the dogs. Here’s what some volunteers had to say about Bella:

“Beautiful girl. Knows sit, walks well. Barked at first, but settled right down.” Stacy

“Bella, Bella (Beautiful Bella) must have been a city dog.  Although she likes to have her nose to the ground in the woods and sniff, she also likes to just plain observe and admire her surroundings.  Bella really enjoys a long walk on a side walk with her head held high, shoulders back and prancing like a quarter horse.  She has an attitude that says, …..“look at me, I am Bella, Bella, proud to be a Blue Tick Coon Hound!”.  Bella is a sweet lady who loves to be with you, either out for a walk or just to hang around.  A good hug and a chest scratch will make her eyes roll back and rest her head on your lap.  Needless to say, Bella would make a great companion for anyone who wants a loyal and funny best friend.” Malte