Blackie 04/08

Meet Blackie, a 12-year old short-haired cat. Blackie is a darling old soul. She doesn’t make a whole lot of noise or call attention to herself, but she’s always happy when people find her and lavish her with attention. She would make a welcome addition to just about any household, though she would prefer not to live with dogs. Blackie has diabetes and it is regulated by a steady, regular diet of wet food. Like approx. 25% of diabetic cats, Blackie does NOT require insulin shots at this time.

Megan, our Humane Educator and Blackie’s former roommate, had some wonderful things to say about her:
“Blackie adores the Humane Ed room and has made it her own, preferring to lie on the heated floor or on a cat bed surrounded by piles of catnip, as though she just won a cat-themed jackpot in Vegas. Blackie has been at the Animal Welfare Society well over 500 days and was moved into Humane Ed due to being too stressed in the louder, more active cat rooms. When large groups of children come in to the Humane Ed room, Blackie retreats to her condo, preferring the quietude of one or two human companions over a deluge of adoring paparazzi.

Blackie has diabetes, which is managed by an economical wet cat food easily found in grocery or pet stores and takes Forti-flora, a pro-biotic to manage her digestive health.  For a senior cat, Blackie is very low maintenance. My favorite thing about her is her affectionate nature and her inaudible meow, which comes out sounding more like an “ahht” and is closer to a squeak than anything else, yet she opens her mouth wide for this little sound as soon as I enter the room. It’s adorable.”

“Sweet cat, easy going, talks when she wants something.” Bill, AWS Volunteer

Blackie is a big fan of playing with straws…though she’s not always willing to wait until they’re done being used by others…


Pet Info:

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Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Age: 12 years