Bubba *Transferred to Animal Refuge League*

8 yrs, Male, Blue Tick Coon Hound

Observed to be good with some other dogs

Would prefer not to live with young children

Bubba was recently featured on the WGME Channel 13 news!

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $50

Sex: Male

Breed: Blue Tick Coon Hound

Age: 8 years

The Animal Welfare Society is fortunate to have volunteers who take adoptable dogs through the obedience classes.  They also spend quality time, playing with, walking, and running the dogs. Here’s what some volunteers had to say about Bubba:

“I have spent a lot of time with Bubba the past few weeks and look forward to each time I see him. Bubba is definitely 110% hound.  The 100% is what you would expect from a hound; nose to the ground, eager to please, loyal, always thrilled to see you and willing to do anything as long as you do it with him.  The remaining 10% is pure laughs, Bubba is a real comedian, and his mannerism and behavior are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  If you like a true friend and part-time standup comedian, be sure to meet Bubba, he will make your day.” Malte