Calla 01/16

Some details about 6-year old American Shelter Dog Calla, from her foster home:

Sweet sweet girl. Definitely the type of rescue that makes you play guessing games. Was she tied up, caught, scared… The possibilities are endless. She definitely has trust issues, but once she does trust you, the love and loyalty is unwavering.

Calla used to chew through her slip leads, not anymore. Collars that tighten down on her neck will still frighten her, but rarely. A flat buckle collar or quick release collar is all she needs. She walks well on a leash, will crowd to you closely when in a new environment.

Calla rests comfortably in her crate, has never refused to go into one. She sees it as a safe place to be. She is wary of doorways and new rooms but is smart and quickly learns they are ok to enter. I have changed her crate location and rooms on her to help increase her flexibility.

Calla is a great eater, her food drive has helped her overcome some of her fears. One of her favorites is cheddar cheese, if tossed on the floor near something worrisome – like a battery operated duck singing Christmas songs, she’ll go in closer to get it.

Strangers. When Calla first came to stay with me she was terrified of new people. Takes her a little while to warm up, but she will happily beg for food, wag her tail and lean on you when she gets comfortable in someone’s presence. Calla is fine on leash, but is nervous when her leash is dropped and it “follows” her. In a closed setting she would do better with no leash or someone holding the leash. She also connects with new people more quickly if they are sitting down. When they are standing and lean over her it worries her. Reaching out towards her will push her away. Instead, sit comfortably and use her leash to bring her closer to you.

Calla’s favorite things. Food, leaning up against you for soft petting, running in the yard like a crazy dog. As a trainer I don’t believe playing chase with a dog is a good thing, but this is Calla’s favorite. I don’t indulge her often, but when I do she playbows, barks and tears around in circles. So silly! Calla is good with other dogs and will play with them. If she feels they are too forward she will growl, I’ve seen her snap once, no contact. She hasn’t hurt another dog while in my care. Likewise, she’s never snapped at a person, no matter how scared she might be, she has never tried to bite.

Calla’s perfect home:

Calla is a homebody. She wants to lay at someone’s feet or next to them on a couch, or on their lap, while they read or watch tv. She’d like to hangout on a porch or a deck with her family. Definitely wants a fenced yard to run in and explore. Loud, active small children might take her awhile to get used to, she would be better with older children that are more predictable. A family, a couple or a single individual that likes to putter around the house, cook, garden etc. is Calla’s dream home.

Pet Info:

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Breed: American Shelter Dog

Age: 6 years