Cashew 12/7

10 mos, Male, Retriever Mix

His foster mom has some great reasons why you should adopt Cashew –

– He thinks he is a lap dog!  He will very enthusiastically sit on top of you or lie on top of you and fall fast asleep.

– He is loving and affectionate and loves attention.
– He has been staying with a foster family consisting of two other dogs and six cats.   He ignores the cats and is respectful to the older/small dog.
– He loves to play with other dogs and people
– He loves to eat!
– So far he has learned to sit and “load up” into the car.  He is a quick study!
– Foster family has been calling him “Kaygo” and he responds to this name. (Stemming from “Okay, go.”)

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $255

Sex: Male

Breed: Retriever Mix

Age: 10 months