Dixon *Adoption fee waived*

Here’s a little bit about Dixon from his foster family:

“Have you longed to speak Meow? Dixon can be your live in tutor!  My entire family is practically fluent in only 3 months.  Dixon speaks with his eyes as well as his vast verbal cues. He will give you a long lash eye batting, should you disturb his meditation hour.

We believe  Dixon may have a martial arts background. He is the master of interesting poses and is quick with a paw. ( While standing on just three legs, he can use his back foot, to scratch his neck! ) He blends easily into the darkness.

Dixon does not climb on counters, nor tables and has very clean bathroom  behaviors.  He buries both liquid and solid and has never overshot the open box (he will also use a covered box). He isn’t picky about litter, eats most any wet & dry food and most treats.  But he does have a mild cat nip habit.  If he becomes grouchy he will first tell you with his “words,” then retreat to his nip-laden “kitty can’t cope” toy.

Dixon takes vitamins and pills like a champ as he is food motivated. ( Easiest cat I ever had to pill.)  Squish whatever it is up -in whatever food is handy- and place it in front of Master D…gone.  If he is hungry in the early am, he will wait patiently curled up next to you. Not at all a pest.

He does well with mature dogs- even those that come to visit.  His current roommate is a larger senior male. Dixon is fond of him – they will lay together, eat together and groom each other, very rarely argue.

This sleek, black panther- looking feline longs to be an indoor AND outdoor kitty. Do you have a groovy little patch of land he can patrol?  With the clink of a spoon on food bowl; he’s back on your stoop.  Need more details?  Stop by! Dixon’s waiting for you!”

Want to see Dixon the star? Check out his appearance on Good Day Maine.

Dixon has hyperthyroidism, a condition that can be common in older cats. It doesn’t phase him a bit and is treated with an affordable daily pill.

Dixon is currently residing in, or at least nearby, Margie’s Cat Cabin. He actually really enjoys living the life of a wandering, outdoors cat, but without all the hassle of having to scrounge for food or shelter. He’d love to find a new home where he can come and go as he pleases, be fed and pampered when he pleases, and be able to stretch out for naps where he pleases…even if it means in your typical parking spot. If you’d like to meet him, simply ask one of our helpful staff members when you stop by and they’ll be happy to take you to him.

Dixon is a DDAF Senior: Through generous funding from the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF) to support senior cats, we are able to offer Dixon’s adopters up to $100 in post-adoption support for qualified non-routine veterinary care, such as dental care, surgery, diagnostics, and certain prescription medications. More information is available at the adoption center.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $10 Now fee waived

Sex: Male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Age: 10 years




Nothin’ like a comfy spot for an afternoon nap…or morning, or evening, or any time really…