Jenny 09/02

Meet Jenny, a 2-year old short-haired cat. Jenny is an absolute darling who always repays the affection given to her. You pet her, she’ll lick you, it’s as simple as that. Being pretty young, Jenny is still quite playful. All in all Jenny is a sweet, social, darling girl. She is diabetic, but it’s kept under control by a wet food diet. No medications or injections of any sort.  Jenny would be happy to share a new home with other cats and respectful children. If you’d like to add this lovely lady to your home, then stop on by the shelter today to meet Jenny.

*Update 06/11* Jenny is now residing in Volunteer Coordinator Marie’s office, located right in our lobby. She’s still eagerly awaiting a new home to call her own, but for now she’s enjoying having a whole room to herself with lots of spots to nap and/or relax in. Feel free to stop and say hi when you visit; Jenny is always fond of having visitors.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $35

Sex: Female

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Age: 2 years

Office assistant in training…


Like humans, cats can suffer from diabetes, a chronic disease where the body doesn’t produce or can’t effectively utilize insulin, an essential hormone. Diabetic cats need glucose monitoring (which can be done at the veterinarian’s office or at home) and a healthy diet of regularly scheduled portioned meals.  They may require oral medication and/or insulin therapy (nearly 75% of diabetic cats require insulin shots).

The cats we currently have available with diabetes do not require any insulin. Their current conditions are kept in check with a diet of portioned wet food, three times a day. It’s regular wet food too, not anything with a specific formula or ingredients.

Prognosis is good, as it is uncommon for cats to suffer the major complications common in humans (such as kidney failure and heart disease).  As with even the healthiest of cats, it’s impossible to guarantee that their condition will not get worse, but maintaining their diets will go a long way towards preventing it. With watchful care from owners and veterinarians, diabetic cats can live long, happy lives.

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