Liddle 06/29

This is our precious Liddle. Her name came because she is just so small, but the name stuck and now she knows it! Liddle came from a rural area in Georgia. She was given away by her owners with her 2 puppies. Road Trip Home took them all. Her 2 puppies looked just like her but were twice the size of her! Liddle came to us at 6 lbs and now weighs 8.5. She does not need to gain any more weight. Also, because she is a dachshund, if she gets too heavy it can lead to major back issues that will not be good for her, so please keep her weight under 9 lbs at all times.

Liddle will act shy at first and may be scared, but once she knows that you are trustworthy and that she is safe she is the sweetest, most loyal and fun little dog. She loves sitting with us or us holding her and she really loves playing with our dogs, no matter the size. She does fine with dogs her size but she also enjoys larger dogs that are respectful of her size. I really hope she gets to go to a home where there is another dog in the household. She also really loves toys that are her size, like small stuffies.

Liddle eats about 1/8 of a cup of dry kibble twice a day morning and night. She eats Purina Pro Plan here at our home and does well on that and loves it, though she does like it to be mixed with warm water!!! She needs to go out to potty first thing in the am and then after each meal. She has such small internal parts she needs to go out often and a schedule or routine for her will be best. She is crate trained and can stay in a crate 6-8 hours with no accidents, but if she is loose in the house she doesn’t hold it as well and needs to go out about every 2 hours. She isn’t completely housetrained yet but she has come a long way and has made great progress! She will pee on the floor if not taken out often when she’s free inside. I suggest crating her when no one is home, and also when she is sleeping unless she gets to sleep with her new human!

Liddle is so small she should not go outside unsupervised, even in a fenced area. Birds of prey could easily get her if she’s alone outside. Also, if she is not in a fenced area she should be on a leash at all times.

Liddle did have a reaction at our home when given topical flea prevention and a separate oral heartworm prevention at the same time. So our vet recommends that she get something that is flea and heartworm prevention in one, such as Trifexis or Multi Advantage. She has had both of those with success and no reaction here. She had a reaction to Iverhart Max and Effitix so I would recommend not giving her either of those. She will need to be on monthly heartworm prevention for the rest of her life.

Liddle has been a complete joy to have and it is really hard to let her go, but we know she will get a wonderful home. We would really love to hear from you that you have adopted her, and we are so happy to answer any questions and help with her transition to a new home. If Liddle ever needs us in any way, we are here for her. Whomever adopts her is the lucky one to get such a special LIDDLE girl!

Heather and Aaron, please contact us!
[email protected] or 678-227-1582

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Breed: Dachshund