Luna 05/19

With most of our long-term residents, we measure their stay with us in weeks, sometimes months. With Luna, we need a calculator. Luna first arrived in November 2014, meaning she has now spent over 500 days with us. That’s far, far, faaaar too long for such a lovable, social gal. She may need a moment to find her comfort zone in new surroundings, but once she does she becomes an affectionate, adorable, all-around awesome cat.

To give her a change of scenery during her extended time with us, we’ve let Luna reside in various offices and rooms on her own. She’s now currently staying in the Boston House where she’s been reunited with her former roommate, AWS/Cleo Fund Coordinator Marie. What’s the Boston House (some may ask)? Well, driving down the road to the shelter you may have noticed a small, white building at the very end. That’s the place. It’s a building we use for storage, offices, and now home to one special kitty. Luna has already made herself at home and really enjoys having multiple windows to watch the world from.



So why has Luna been with us for so long? We can’t say for sure, but it may have to do with a combination of her age and her diabetes. You’d never know she was 9-years old when you meet her, and for those concerned about the cost of maintaining Luna’s diabetes, we’ve crunched some numbers for you. Her current insulin injections are Lantus, which are obtained from our local vet for $49 for a 100 day supply. The needles are U-100 and can be found online for $20.11 for a 100 day supply. Finally, going for a check-up and glucose test every 6 months at our local vet costs about $89. When you average it all out, it comes out to about $1.18 per day. Obviously it may not always be possible to get the same prices from different vets/vendors, but we hope this helps educate interested adopters about how much Luna’s care will cost and if it’s something that they can manage.

Administering Luna’s injections is much easier than it sounds too. You can watch as Marie gives Luna her daily dose by clicking the “View Video” button above.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $0

Sex: Female

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Age: 9 years

“When Luna is happy in her environment she is the sweetest, happiest, most loving cat. She needs people around her to be happy. She loves it when we have meetings. She jumps into everyone’s laps and sits for extra love and attention. She loves to be picked up and cuddled like a baby. It’s easy to give her the two insulin shots she needs a day because she doesn’t mind at all. Luna probably hasn’t shown well in the past because she doesn’t like being confined to a small space like a cage. She’s fine in a cat carrier though and isn’t difficult to put in one, most of the time she walks in herself. Luna is a perfect companion cat. She gets very attached to the people she spends time with every day.” Marie, AWS/Cleo Fund Coordinator

Luna is making lots of friends in her new residence at the Boston House..



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