Mattel 08/30

3 mos, Female, Chihuahua Mix

Good with dogs, cats, and children

Available Sunday at Rochester PetSmart Adoption Event.

Detailed information from her foster family is below.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $385

Sex: Female

Breed: Chihuahua Mix

Age: 3 months

Mattel is an adorable, energetic, outgoing, feisty, little dog. We believe she is born around June 1, 2015.

Energy/Exercise – Mattel has a high energy level. She is a rugged little pup that loves to play. She enjoys wrestling and playing with other dogs. She loves tugging and fetching toys. She was surprisingly great on leash and we took her hiking with us a couple of times. She definitely needs some activity every day. She will not be content sitting on your lap watching TV for hours…. She wants to play!

Training/Manners – She is a puppy so she definitely needs training and manners. She will chew on your if you let her, but she responded well to verbal corrections.

Housetraining – She was in my home for 16 days and in that time she made good progress appropriate for her age. I confined her to a crate at night and when I could not supervise her. The crate was big enough that she had her bed at one end and newspaper at the other. Towards the end of her stay she was not having to use the newspaper and was making it all night (6-7 hours). I did get the impression she was waking me up in the middle of the night just to get up and play so the last week we had her, I moved her crate back downstairs and she did great and I got to sleep!

Other Dogs – She got along well with our greyhounds. She respected the two that wanted nothing to do with her and she was very rough and tumble with the greyhound that did want to play. Those two tugged toys, chased, and played bitey face. It was very cute!

Travel – She traveled great crated in a van and also in my car. No fear, no car sickness.

Grooming – Since she is a pup, we would recommend using lots of treats when you trim her nails so she has a good experience.

Furniture – We did not have her on the furniture, but she LOVED the very soft comforters on the greyhound beds. Loved to burrow underneath them.

Home Alone – She crated great and we crated her when we were not home and would suggest the same for the adopter. She enjoyed Kongs stuffed with canned dog food. We would freeze the Kongs so they lasted longer.

I would appreciate an update. I have lots of cute pictures and videos of her playing with my greyhound that you will love to see. And happy to tell you her history. Let me know if you have any questions.

Jennifer Bachelor