Mindy 03/03

Oh, Mindy. Mindy, Mindy, Mindy…What to say about Mindy…Well, she is a 5-year old short-haired cat. She is also rather…particular about when she gets attention. When she’s in the right mood she’ll let people pet her, but even those moments don’t last long. Being in a kennel really upset her, though she has begun to thrive in our community room. Having more freedom and places to explore seems to be helping her adjust. While she does have a rather visible independent streak, Mindy is still a good cat. She gets along well with other cats, dogs, and even children, provided it’s on her terms. She’s quiet, calm, and would most certainly blossom in a new home given enough time and regular attention from her people. If Mindy sounds like the right one for you, then stop on by the shelter today to meet her. Just don’t expect her to come running right into your arms…

Pet Info:

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Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Age: 5 years