Mojo 10/18

Meet Mojo, a 1-and-a-half year old Walker Coonhound Mix. Mojo is an energetic young fellow who loves doing anything that involves fun and exercise. He’s particularly fond of splashing around in water. Mojo will definitely benefit from getting lots of playtime and regular walks in a new home. Because of his young age, Mojo hasn’t had a lot of time to master all his obedience skills yet, so he would make a great candidate for an obedience class like the ones we offer at the shelter with discounted rates for adoptees. Mojo would be happy to share a new home with some other dogs and rugged children, but would prefer not to live with cats. If you’ve been looking for a young and goofy boy to add to your home, then stop on by the shelter today to meet Mojo.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $99

Sex: Male

Breed: Walker Hound Mix

Age: 1 1/2 years

Obedience Student

The Animal Welfare Society is fortunate to have volunteers who take adoptable dogs through the obedience classes.  They also spend quality time, playing with, walking, and running the dogs. Here’s what some volunteers had to say about Mojo:

“I was fortunate to be able to take Mojo to Shelter Dog Obedience class, my first time working with this handsome and loveable dog. He is full of energy but did well with the gentle lead and was easy to handle. Because he hasn’t had a chance to learn many commands, he seemed a little nervous and unsure of himself at the beginning. However, he caught on and then seemed to enjoy himself. He especially liked using his nose to find treats hidden in boxes! Mojo is a sweet boy and will make a perfect companion for the right person(s).” Susan